The military KLR 650

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The KLR650s and the KLR250 are surplused by the military. Although you will look long and hard for them (Nearly unavailable). They WILL NOT be cheaper than a civilian bike when you find it. The 50.00 jeep in a crate was a myth even after WWII. As stated in another "review & guide" pay attention to the paperwork trail if it is a military bike. Also he stated they are not DOT approved???? Mine is licenced and registared for street use. There would be no reason for them not to be DOT legal, all they are is a civilian bike with USGI modifications. Also people will fake these bikes with standard civilian KLRs there are not alot of differences at first glance. At the time this is being written the chance of finding a diesel KLR650 AKA M1030M1 is near impossible I have looked for a few years for the "gasoline" 650 only to track down 3 and finally buy 1 of them after a year of pestering.  You really need to do your reasurch before buying if you are being told it is USGI. I have 1 - 650 and 2 - 250s ,AKA M1030B1 & M1030s'. I am always looking for parts or bikes (military only)
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