The item has not arrived - LIE!!!

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I have noticed that the last few months, numerous buyers are claiming to not have received the items that I have posted.  The buyer then goes on to open a case on eBay even though they have received the item.  The cases are rather flawed as well because you have to wait numerous days for communication between the buyer and seller even though the seller is adament that the buyer the has received the item and the buyer goes quiet so basically they have no leg to stand on.  I think that maybe eBay need to sort out their resolution centre to allow cases to be resolved quicker, especially if the seller has a tracking number to prove that the buyer has received the item.

I know on a few occasions I have had to open a case on eBay as I haven't received an item, but I have always been in contact with the buyer and let them know on regular occasions that the item has not arrived and I have checked at my local post office and local sorting office.

I admit that the Royal Mail and other delivery services are not perfect, but they are not completely flawed.  Most of the items that are posted through Royal Mail, even by standard 1st class delivery, arrive within 1-3 days.  On a few occasions I have posted numberous items altogether and most of them were received by the buyer the next day, apart from one item which arrived the day after.  I know that at busy times, such as the run up to Christmas, there are numerous delays in items being delivery and strikes and bad weather, but nearly all items eventually should be sent to the seller, returned to the buyer, or sent to the local sorting office. 

I know that there are a lot of genuine people on eBay, but there are also raudulent people who claim not to have received items or claimed that items do not match their description.  As my feedback shows, I am a genuine seller.  I am also a genuine buyer.  The odd little mark on a DVD that is supposed to be in a 'like new' condition is ok. I will still leave postitive feedback, but I will also email the seller and let them know about it. 

However sometimes sellers can claim a big problem with an item, and they cannot back it up (e.g. cannot send a photograph of the damage). 

Some sellers request the item to be sent back to them and when it is, it is in the same perfect condition that it was sent in and the buyer just wanted an excuse to get a refund. 

Some sellers receive the item back and it is damaged and not in the condition that it was sent in (maybe damage by the buyer or maybe damage from transit). 

Some sellers received the item back and it is not even the same item that was sent to the buyer (e.g. mobile phones with a different serial number).  It is wise for sellers to note down the serial number of a mobile phone or another electrical item before posting it to the buyer to ensure that you receive the same item back if the buyer is unhappy with it.

Some buyers complain when they receive a 'while you were out card.'  It is not the sellers fault that the buyer went out and missed a delivery.  In many cases, the 'while you were out' card informs you that you can re-arrange the delivery online.

I have now begun to send all of my items by Special Delivery or Recorded Delivery as proof that the item was received and signed for.  I also put the tracking number in the Royal Mail tracking page in order to check if and when the item was delivered and to check that it was signed ).  I used to only have this as a postage option, but many buyers refused to pay an extra 70p for Recorded Delivery (which is insurance for them as well really), however it covers me in the event of a lost item.  Recorded delivery covers an item up to £30 I think and Special Delivery is for items over £30 I think.


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