The difference in Women's,Misses, Juniors,& Girls sizes

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The difference in Women's,Misses, Juniors,& Girls sizes
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I have noticed that often sellers don't know if the clothes they are selling are Women's, Misses, Junior's or bigger Girl's clothing. There is a simple way to tell....

Women's indicates plus sizes, usually 14w and up. The cut is a little wider and has more room in the tummy and hips than a 14 with no "w". this is true for 14w and 16w and sizes larger than that sometimes do and sometimes don't have the "w". 1x, 2x, ect.

Misses are always even numbers. 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 and sometimes 18. These are cut for a "Woman's body". With hips and bust. XS = 2/4, S=6/8, M=10/12, L=12/14 XL=14/16 or sometimes 16/18 (usually). Larger than this is Women's.

Juniors are always odd numbers. 1,3,5,7,9,11, and 13. These are cut for a more angular body, more like that of a teenagers. Less room in the hips and bust. S=3/5, M=5/7, L=9/11 XL=13. Any odd numbered sizes larger than this are Junior's Plus Size.

Junior's Plus size also odd numbers starting at size 15 1x. The cut is still usually a little slimmer than women's sizes, but can vary. Juniors plus is resonalbly "new". I'm so glad that more manufacturers are doing it though. Just because a teenager or young women wears a bigger size doesn't mean she has to dress more mature than she is or should feel like she is out of style.

Sometimes clothes are sized with both. Like 7/8 or 13/14. In my experience these usually fit more like Junior's and less like misses.

Girls are even numbered and obvilously smaller than misses. These are NOT Juniors. Even if the clothes look like something a teenager would wear, if the sizes are even they ARE girls.

I really hope that this guide is usefull for you.

Happy Selling!



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