The Weight Loss Cure -- Kevin Trudeau

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The Weight Loss Cure -- Kevin Trudeau
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This review is brutally honest!  If you don't want to hear the truth told then please stop reading now! 

In rebuttal to all of the negative book reviewers:

This time you've out-smarted yourself!  You'll never know how valuable an opportunity that you have let pass you by.  But I never argue with idiots--I would have to descend to their level--and from there, they win with greater experience!

When you give up on this idea and/or write a negative review without even doing some research of your own, you are doing a dis-service to the legions of us searching for an answer to curing obesity.  This book contains information and references to a lost art of permanent weight control. The book contains, and is based upon, a revolutionary discovery made in the 1950's by the late Dr. ATW Simeons.  His original manuscript is called "Pounds and Inches" and can now be found widely circulating on the web and here on eBay.  A Google search should produce ample results to allow for some research of your own before you form a myopic opinion based simply on your prior conceptions on the subject of weight loss or on other mindless reviews seen here on eBay.  I must ask, If you already know all there is to know about weight loss, why are you browsing the weight loss sections here?

Statements in previous eBay reviews that I have found NOT to be true:


Why not? There are several licensed clinics in the US that will provide treatment through the mail and communicate with patients via internet and telephone.  Pricing is reasonable at this time.

You can also find places online where you may obtain your own HCG for a very low price.  There are even oral HCG products on the market for those who seek an alternative or have a fear of needles.

Here is an internet site that has assembled several kits that allow you to do your own research with the actual protocol.  A detailed guide is provide with suggestions on the full injection procedure.  On this site, is also a link at the bottom of the front page to a Yahoo group where you will find countless member discussions about their experiences with HCG dieting.  Nearly ALL are positive.

HCG Supplies

Buy Kits at: 

Buy HCG at:

First type "http" followed by "//.www"   in front of these links for them to work properly.


Conclusion: Soooo, you CAN DO this at home, right?  Now you can find your HCG, your supplies for injections, organizational information, a support and discussion group, real opinions from those with experience and even a live chat room dedicated solely to HCG. 

All of this information is free for anyone who cares enough to dig a bit.  Make the discovery for yourself.  Once you decide to begin, most experienced people have said that Trudeau's book makes it all a bit easier to understand the big picture, despite any shortcomings in his character, authoring abilities or his integrity.

If you've bothered to read this far--- I do recommend the book, particularly the sections that Trudeau calls "Phase 2" and "Phase 3". So do some research first.  If any of it sounds reasonable or "worth a try" then get started today.  You don't have to get Trudeau's book, but it is a nice reference guide. And it was my gateway to learning about this method of weight loss.  Within a few years, it should be much more widely accepted -- perhaps even the new standard for the treatment of obesity.  Why not be one of the "lucky first".       

2. "Do not be taken in by this man, he is suggesting a very hard and ridiculous way to lose weight."

Have you tried it?  I found Phase 2 of the protocol to be the easiest diet that I've ever been on.  I had my doubts at first, but brother, was I wrong!  It's a breeze.

3. "The amount of money it would take to actually do this diet is a LOT. The main secret is basically as others have said injections which cost like $200 a shot. And you need them more than once a week. Plus this is NOT the ONLY thing you have to do on the diet. The Wu long tea is also suggested which is about 30-50 dollars a box."

Wrong! & Wrong!  You can skip "Phase 1" of Trudeau's protocol.  This is the expensive part.  He promotes a bunch of items and procedures (like multiple colonics and cleanses) which DO cost alot.  He mentions later in the book that this part is only "recommended", not required.  Phases 2 and 3 are the real program and are not very expensive.  How much of the book did you actually read?

$200 per injection??  Where did you get that information.  All injection related expenses combined have cost me less than $5 per injection.  For crying out loud, I save more than that each day having eliminated eating junk foods!!!  Let's be reasonable, please.

$30-$50 per box for WU Long tea??  I bought a box of 100% organic Wu Long Tea from my local health food store of under $6.  That will last me about 2 weeks.

4. "Mr. Trudeau claims that the diet will last for life no matter what you eat, however he fails to mention in his infomercials that everything you eat must be organic."

He does recommend all organic foods.  They are twice as expensive as regular foods.  My body requires so little food while on this protocol that I'm actually saving money!! Go figure!  Many people in the Yahoo support group (called HCGDIETERS) are NOT using organic foods and are still having success.  Again, do some checking on your own, please. I have found that after eating organic for a while, I feel better and my appetite is naturally lessened as well.  I think it is a good idea and I plan to continue with organic foods when I complete the weight loss protocol.

5. "The diet itself is nearly impossible to do. How can any one person get 15 colonics in one month?! I got a colonic once and that was enough for me for a while. I couldn't imagine getting 4 a week! Also, some people would find it difficult to give themselves an injection of HCG! Where do you get that stuff anyway?! I'm sure it works but it is a bit over the top for a regular person! If I could go away to a clinic and have all that done to me, fine but not in my own home!"

So, skip the colonics!  They are not even part of the "diet".  Don't like injections?  Try the oral HCG products.  Any more excuses?  You should do something besides grumble and complain!

6. "I read the book, and I discovered that unless you happen to travel out of the country........and......have thousands of dollars to spend, this "weight loss cure" is not going to happen. I, like thousands of others was tricked by deceptive advertising techniques to believe that this diet or "cure" was something that was available to average Americans. This is not the case. I am going to loan my copy to anyone who wants to read it!"

Wow!  I live in the US and make about $40,000 per year.  That's very average, and I have NO trouble affording it!  Of course, I don't have 2 car payments of $650 each, rent-to-own appliances in my home, and a fancy new 96 inch high definition plasma TV with theater surround sound.  You can afford whatever you make a priority in your life.   

Simply by cutting out sodas, snacks, and not eating fast-food at lunch each day---I save a great deal more than the cost of the protocol. And I'll be happy to take your copy of the book.  I know several people who could benefit from actually reading it. 

7. "What I would say to anybody who is thinking of buying this book-DON'T because it's a waste of time and it's going to cost you over $500 a month just to do what he wants you to do."

I guess you could pay that much, but why?  It looks like you gave up a bit too quickly again. The answers are waiting for YOU to find them.  And they are closer than you might think!  Don't be bitter!  It's not too late for you to do some checking on your own.  Don't listen to these negative comments about this diet protocol. 

You WILL NOT find one single negative comment from anyone who has actually tried the protocol.  If you don't succeed with this, it's because you didn't try or you didn't do it correctly!

I cannot stress this point loudly enough---listen only to people who have done or are doing the protocol!

If you're not at least willing to check out this thing by now and do a little FREE reading on the side---you never will be.  You just go ahead and keep waiting for someone to come along and hold your hand, and "mother" you through your whole life for free.

Please don't write another bad review for something you know nothing about.  Give the intelligent folks a chance to decide on their own without your constant discouragement and negativity.

FREE Download of Dr. Simeons' "Pounds & Inches" -- Phase 2 in Trudeau's book: 

Find Kits for HCG Preparation here:

HCG Supplies

You will have to type http://  in front of the links for them to work.   

These links above should answer all your questions! :))

Best of luck!

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