The Seller Dashboard & Star Ratings

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Detailed Seller Ratings mean a lot to a seller, especially if they are a Power Seller.  As a Power Seller, the Detailed Seller Ratings mean that a seller receives up to a 20% discount on their selling fees.  Buyers are who determine the Detailed Seller Ratings and contrary to what eBay tells buyers, when a buyer leaves a seller Detailed Seller Ratings, the seller knows which buyer left less than 5 Stars (*****) in the Detailed Seller Rating portion of their feedback.

Sellers have what is called a "Seller Dashboard" which fluctuates up or down based on the DSR ratings left by buyers.  If after a DSR rating is left and the Seller Dashboard indicates that the DSR rating went down, then the sellers knows it is that buyer who left less than 5 Stars (*****).  If a buyer left less than 5 Stars (*****) and the seller shipped that buyers item the day they paid, it was exactly as described, sent emails letting the buyer know that their payment was received and that their item was shipped, and the buyer received "free shipping", then there should be no reason for a buyer to leave less than 5 Stars (*****) in any category.

But, unfortunately, it happens.  The reasons given range from:

  • I thought you were a seller who charged shipping (by the way, a box comes up from eBay when a seller offers free shipping which says: "The seller offered free shipping for this listing")
  • I thought I left all 5 Stars when I left you feedback
  • It took to long for me to get (which is a "delivery" issue not a SHIPPING issue)
  • You made me pay for insurance (yes, that person's item broke and had to be replaced and I got less than 5 STARS!)  Glad there was INSURANCE!
Buyers, don't blame the seller if the Shipping carrier takes to long to DELIVER your package.  That is NOT shipping, that's DELIVERY.  There is a difference and the seller should not be blamed in DSR ratings or feedback for however long it takes the USPS to DELIVER your SHIPPED package.

Be careful when leaving DSR ratings.  The seller is counting on you to be honest when leaving your ratings.  If the seller receives the discount they deserve, the discounts will be reflected in product prices.  It's better for everyone.
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