The Rise of Jeans...What is it?

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The Rise of Jeans...What is it?
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So, you are wondering what the heck the rise is on a pair of jeans or pants?  Exactly what does Low Rise mean?  Is it the same as Low Waist?  Here are some answers to these questions as I have come to understand them...

The rise is an important thing to understand.  It is the place that the jeans sit on the hip/waist.  When I am listing jeans, I measure the rise from the center point between the legs up to the top of the waist band.  This gives me the rise.

These are general guidelines and seem to be across the board, but always ask the seller if you are uncertain of the way the jeans will fit.

5-8" rise usually signifies that the jeans are low rise jeans, which will sit low on the waist, more on the hip.  They may be low rise or ultra low rise...they will sit well below your belly button.

If the jeans have a 9-11" rise,  they are considered to be mid rise or just below the waist.  These jeans will generally sit just under your belly button.

Anything over 12" is usually a jean/pant that sits at the waist, above the belly button.

Some jean/pant manufacturers use the terms rise and some use waist.  Old Navy has categories like, Ultra Low Waist, At Waist, Just Below Waist.  Gap uses Low Rise.  Levi's have Mid Rise and Superlow.  There are as many ways to describe jeans as there are jean manufacturers.

Different Manufacturer's have Different Guidelines and Fits for their Jeans...Always Ask the Seller to Clarify the Style, Measurements and Fit of the Jeans if You Are Uncertain!

Please note that I use the word "jeans", but this also applies to pants, shorts and capris.

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