The Girls Guide to Buying Thongs

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The Girl's Guide to Buying Thongs

When the occasion demands a flawlessly beautiful evening dress that reveals no evidence of panty lines, only a thong can produce this much coveted look. The thong is a fairly new addition to women's wardrobes. Men have been wearing thongs for thousands of years. Sumo wrestlers wear an item that resembles a thong called a 'mawashi', while men from other cultures have worn thongs for personal support for centuries. Women began wearing thongs to prevent corsets from rolling up under their dresses.

A thong is not every woman's cup of tea. For one thing, it can take some time to get used to wearing a thong. When compared to traditional knickers, thongs fit women's bodies differently. The choice of material when selecting thongs is an important one. A thong that has a bit of stretch to it will compensate for a buyer choosing a size that is a little on the small size.

Thongs are available in a variety of colours, styles, and materials, including silk, polyester, satin, and cotton. They range from the skimpiest of g-strings to the smoothest of barely there micro thongs, in fabrics from satin to velvet, and shades from neon pink to traditional black, and everything in between. Thongs are available from high street shops that sell women's underwear and lingerie. Shoppers will find possibly the largest selection of thongs on eBay.

Thongs of Every Type and Style

Today, women wear thongs under clothing to smooth out the appearance of close fitting clothing and when tanning to avoid tan lines. There are at least 13 types of thong available for women today, and a few for men as well. The most popular type of thongs are listed below.


This type of thong consists of triangular patches of cloth in front and back of the body, connected by a 'string' that passes between the legs, and elastic on each side of the body that connects the sides of the thong. The g-string thong was originally worn by exotic dancers, but has since gained enormous popularity among everyday women.


The t-back thong is merely a v-shaped strap that covers intimate parts of the body, with a string that passes between the legs and attaches to a waist string.


A v-shaped piece of cloth forms the front of the thong, and the back is also in the same shape. The two pieces of fabric are connected by a string between the legs. The v-string thong is considered less constrictive than the g-string.


This type of thong resembles a g-string in some ways. The c-string thong has been called the world's smallest thong, and is also known as a strapless thong. It consists of a triangular frame of fabric attached to a flexible fabric-coated wire that passes between the legs. There is no waist strap and the thong stays in place because of the tension created by the wire frame.


The traditional thong covers a larger area than a g-string. It has a narrow waistband and larger front and back sections. When compared to a g-string, the traditional thong is considered more modest.


This type of thong has a low-riding waistband and material that covers the front as well as back of the body. The tanga covers more skin than other types of thongs. The back of the tanga rests across the top of the woman's bottom, enhancing that area of the body.

Rio Thong

The Rio looks like a g-string, however it is the more modest version of the g-string. It looks more like the bottoms on a bikini. This type of thong is often referred to as the starter thong.

Cheeky Thong

A cheeky thong has a very low waistband and material that passes between the legs, but the back of the thong rides high between the buttocks, similar to a thong, and is attached to the low waistband at the rear. This leaves much of a girl's bum exposed.

SJ Thongs

These SJ thongs are very similar to g-strings in terms of the waistband, but the rest of the coverage is more like a thong.

Chip G-String

The chip g-string is basically a g-string. However, the front material is smaller and cut lower than a traditional g-string.

Micro G-String

The micro g-string is the absolutely smallest g-string available.

Quick-Release Thong

This thong is a traditional thong with the exception of a clip on the side for easy opening.

Micro Thongs

The front of the micro thong is similar to a chip-cut g-string, but the back is exactly like a thong.

Selecting a Thong

When considering which item of intimate apparel to buy, thongs are one of the items in a girl's wardrobe that deserves quite a bit of careful though. The reasoning here is that the thong is made from a very small amount of fabric, and what there is needs to perform to the highest standard. With this in mind, there are a few steps a girl should follow to ensure the best fit when buying a thong.

The Size of the Thong

A woman should select a thong in a size larger than the knickers she usually wears. Be aware that thongs will usually fit slightly differently from brand to brand. If there is any uncertainty about what size to purchase, err on the side of caution and always choose choose a slightly larger size. While a larger size may not fit snugly, the thong can still be worn. A thong that is too small will not fit at all.

The Choice of Material

When choosing a thong, remember that the fabric the thong is made from will affect how the thong fits a woman's body. Stretchy materials like polyester blends will have more give, whereas a cotton fabric will have little to no ability to stretch. If a woman has her heart set on cotton thongs, she should make sure that they are the correct size as cotton thongs that are too small, even one size too small, won't stretch to fit a larger body. Getting used to a thong takes a bit of time. A woman needs to give herself some time to adjust to a thong if she has never worn one before. Thongs fit completely differently from traditional underwear. It is a new feeling that takes some getting used to.

How to Find a Thong on eBay

To start your search for the perfect thong, begin on the eBay's homepage. On this page, as well as every page on the eBay site, you will find a search bar. Simply enter the keywords that best describes the attributes you are looking for in a thong. For example, type 'pink lace thong' into the search bar and you will be rewarded with listing upon listing of amazing and beautiful thongs . The results page will have thousands of listing on it. To narrow down your search, simply sort the listings by size, main colour, and type of thong. Some thongs come paired with matching bras. While you are on the eBay site, you might want to search for a pair of black silk stockings to complete your ensemble, or a pair of black patent high-heel sandals that will make you feel amazing and special.

Remember that if you find a thong that you love and want to buy it, you should check with the seller first to be sure that they will agree to exchange the item, or provide a refund, should you find that it does not fit properly. However, due to matters of hygiene, most sellers will be reluctant to exchange thongs. To make contact with the seller, simply click on their user name and go into their profile. There you will find a contact link. While you are in their profile, check their feedback score and read some of the feedback left by previous buyers.


For occasions when elegance and style are mandatory, choose a style of thong that is beautiful and sexy. The finished look of an outfit worn with a thong will have the smooth and flawless appearance that every woman strives for. Every wardrobe needs stylish and well-fitting intimate apparel to help create a look that makes a statement about the wearer. Choose a lacy thong in hot pink or pale yellow, a tiny g-string that is skimpy yet makes one feel naughty and secretly rebellious, or a sexy c-string thong that is truly 'barely there' yet cannot fail to make any woman feel smoking hot when she wears it. With a pair of high-heel shoes and a sexy evening gown, every occasion will feel like she's walking down the red carpet. No matter what outfit is on the agenda, a thong will add that touch of derring-do and whimsy that will make every woman feel as if she has a little secret that makes any woman feel more confident, like she can conquer the world. For the widest variety of thongs at prices to suit any budget, consider shopping for thongs on eBay.

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