The Complete Nora Roberts Book List

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With such an impressive book list (there are more that 280 million copies of Nora Roberts books in print!) - I thought it might be handy to have this all on the one guide.    If you would like a JD Robb list (Nora Roberts alter ego) please click here to see my other guide.

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Trilogies & Series

IN THE GARDEN TRILOGY (Romantic Suspense)
Blue Dahlia (2004)
Black Rose (2005)
Red Lily (2005)

Key of Light (2003)
Key of Knowledge (2003)
Key of Valor (2004)
Volume:  The Key Trilogy (all 3) (2004)

THREE SISTERS TRILOGY (Contemporary Romance)
Dance Upon the Air (2001)
Heaven and Earth (2001)
Face the Fire (2002)
Volume:  Three Sisters Island Collection (all 3) (2003)

THE IRISH TRILOGY (Contemporary Romance) - Not to be confused with other Irish series see below!
Jewels of the Sun(1999)
Tears of the Moon (2000)
Heart of the Sea (2000)
Volume:  Irish Trilogy Collection (all 3) (2003)

CHESAPEAKE BAY (Contemporary Romance)
Sea Swept (1998)
Rising Tides (1998)
Inner Harbor (1999)
Chesapeake Blue (2003)

DREAM TRILOGY (Contemporary Romance)
Daring to Dream (1996)
Holding the Dream (1997)
Finding the Dream (1997)
Volumes in this Series:
Three Complete Novels (All 3)
Lovers & Dreamers (All 3)

THE STARS OF MITHRA (Romantic Suspense)
Hidden Star (1997)
Captive Star (1997)
Secret Star ( 1998)

CONCANNON SISTERS (Contemporary Romance – Ireland) Not to be confused with other Irish series see below!
Born in Fire (1994)
Born in Ice (1995)
Born in Shame (1996)
Volumes in this series: 
Irish Born (all 3) (1996)
Three Complete Novels (all 3) (1998)

THE MACKADE BROTHERS (Contemporary Romance)
The Return of Rafe MacKade (1995)
The Pride of Jared MacKade (1995)
The Heart of Devin MacKade (1996)
The Fall of Shane MacKade (1996)
The Volumes in this series:
MacKade Brothers: Devin and Shane (2004)
MacKade Brothers: Rafe and Jared (2004)

THE MACGREGORS (Contemporary Romance)
Playing the Odds (1985)
Tempting Fate (1985)
All the Possibilities (1985)
One Man's Art (1985)
For Now, Forever (1987)
In From the Cold (1990)
The MacGregor Brides (1997)
The Winning Hand (1998)
The MacGregor Grooms (1998)
The Perfect Neighbor (1999)
Rebellion (Historical Romance – ancestor story)
The Volumes in this series:
The MacGregors: Serena & Caine (Playing the Odds & Tempting Fate)
The MacGregors: Alan & Grant (All the Possibilities & One Man's Art)
The MacGregors: Daniel & Ian (For Now, Forever & In From the Cold)
The MacGregors: Robert & Cybil (The Winning Hand & The Perfect Neighbour)

THE STANISLASKIS (Contemporary Romance)
Taming Natasha (1990)
Luring a Lady (1991)
Falling for Rachel (1993)
Convincing Alex (1994)
Waiting for Nick (1997)
Considering Kate (2001)
The Volumes in this series:
Stanislaski Brothers: Mikhail and Alex (Luring a Lady & Convincing Alex)
Stanislaski Sisters: Natasha and Rachel (Taming Natasha & Falling For Rachel)
Two Classic Stanislaski Stories (Falling for Rachel & Convincing Alex) (2008)
Two Classic Stanislaski Stories (Taming Natasha & Luring a Lady)  (2008)
Two Classic Stanislaski Stories (Waiting for Nick & Considering Kate) (2008)

NIGHT TALES (Romantic Suspense)
Night Shift (1991)
Night Shadow (1991)
Nightshade (1993)
Night Smoke (1994)
Night Shield (2000)
The Volumes in this series:
Night Tales: Night Shield, Night Moves (2005)
Night Tales: Night Shift, Night Shadow (2005)
Night Tales: Nightshade, Night Smoke (2005)

THE DONOVAN LEGACY (Fantasy Romance)
Captivated (1992)
Entranced (1992)
Charmed (1992)
Enchanted (1999)
The Volumes in this series:
The Donovan Legacy – (Captivated Entranced Charmed) 1999

THE CALHOUN WOMEN (Contemporary Romance)
Courting Catherine (1991)
A Man for Amanda (1991)
For the Love of Lilah (1991)
Suzanne's Surrender (1991)
Megan's Mate (1996)
The Volumes in this Series:
The Calhouns:  Lilah & Suzanna (2005)
The Calhouns: Catherine, Amanda & Lilah  (2005)
The Calhouns:  Suzanna & Megan (2006)

LOVING JACK (Contemporary Romance)
Loving Jack (1989)
Best Laid Plans (1989)
Lawless (1989)
The Volumes in this series:
Love by Design – (Loving Jack, Best Laid Plans)

One Summer (1986)
Second Nature (1986)

THE O'HURLEYS (Contemporary Romance)
The Last Honest Woman (1988)
Dance to the Piper (1988)
Skin Deep (1999)
Without A Trace (1990)
The Volumes in this series:
Born O’Hurley: The Last Honest Woman, Dance to the Piper (2004)
O’Hurleys Return: Skin Deep, Without a Trace (2004)

SACRED SINS (Romantic Suspense)
Sacred Sins (1987)
Brazen Virtue (1988)

CORDINA'S ROYAL FAMILY (Contemporary Romance)
Affaire Royale (1986)
Command Performance (1987)
The Playboy Prince (1987)
Cordina's Crown Jewel (2002)
Volume in this series:
Cordina’s Royal Family; (Affaire Royale, Command Performance, The Playboy Prince) (2002)
Cordina's Royal Family; Bennett & Camilla (The Playboy Prince & Cordina's Crown Jewel) (2007)
Cordina's Royal Family; Gabriella & Alexander (Affaire Royale & Command Performance) (2006)

IRISH HEARTS (Contemporary Romance) Not to be confused with other Irish series see above!
Irish Thoroughbred (1981)
Irish Rose (1988)
Irish Rebel (2000)
Volume in this series:
Irish Hearts: Irish Thoroughbred, Irish Rose (2000)

Morrigan's Cross (2006)
Dance of the Gods (2006)
Valley of Silence (2006)

Blood Brothers (2007)
The Hollow (2008)
The Pagan Stone (2008)


Once Upon a Castle (1998) by Nora Roberts & others (Spellbound)
Once Upon a Star (1999) by Nora Roberts & others (Ever After)
Once Upon a Dream (2002) by Nora Roberts & others (In Dreams)
Once Upon a Rose (2001) by Nora Roberts & others (Winter Rose)
Once Upon a Midnight (2002) by Nora Roberts & others (The Witching Hour)
Making Babies by Nora Roberts & Others (The Best Mistake)
Moon Shadows (2004) by Nora Roberts & Others

Other Omnibus Volumes

Triple Romantic Suspense – “From The Heart”
Tonight and Always, Silhouette Book (1983)
A Matter of Choice, Silhouette Book (1984)
Endings and Beginnings, Silhouette Book (1984)

Double Romance – “Reflections & Dreams” contains:
Reflections (1983)
Dance of Dreams (1983)

Double Romance – “Time & Again” contains:
Time Was (1989)
Times Change (1990)

Triple Pack – “A Little Magic” (2002 stories from anthologies) contains:
Ever After
In Dreams

Triple Pack – “A Little Fate" (2004 stories from anthologies) contains:
The Witching Hour
Winter Rose
A World Apart

Double – “Table for Two” contains:
Summer Desserts (1985)
Lessons Learned (1986)

Double – “Engaging the Enemy” contains:
A Will and a Way, Silhouette Special Edition (1986)
Boundary Lines, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1985)

Double – “Truly Madly Manhattan” contains:
Local Hero, Silhouette Special Edition (1988)
Dual Image, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1985)

Triple Romantic Suspense – “Mysterious” contains:
This Magic Moment, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1983)
Search For Love, Silhouette Romance (1982)
The Right Path, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1985)

Double Romance – “With Open Arms” contains:
Song of the West, Silhouette Romance (1982)
Her Mother’s Keeper, Silhouette Romance (1983)

Double Classic Romance – “Reunion” contains:
Once More With Feeling, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1983)
Treasures Lost, Treasures Found, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1986)

Double Classic Romance – “Winner Takes All” contains:
Rules of the Game, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1984)
Name of the Game, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1988)

Double Holiday Romance – “The Gift” contains:
Home for Christmas, Silhouette Novella (1986)
Silhouette Christmas/All I Want for Christmas, Silhouette Christmas Anthology (1994)

Triple Classic Romance – “Going Home” contains:
Mind Over Matter, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1987)
Island of Flowers, Silhouette Romance (1982)
Unfinished Business, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1992)

Double Romance – “Two of a Kind” contains:
Impulse, Silhouette Novella (1989)
Birds, Bees and Babies/The Best Mistake, Silhouette Mother’s Day Anthology (1994)

Double Romance – “Rules of Play” contains:
The Heart’s Victory, Silhouette Special Edition (1982)
Opposites Attract, Silhouette Special Edition (1984)

Triple Suspense - Suspicious contains:
Partners, Art of Deception, Night Moves (2003)

Double Romance - "By My Side" contains:
From This Day / Temptation (2006)

Double Romance - "Dream Makers" contains:
Untamed / Less Of A Stranger (2006)

Double Xmas Romance - "Christmas Angels" contains:
Gabriel's Angel / First Impressions (2007)

Double Romance - "Irish Dreams" contains:
Irish Rebel / Sullivan's Woman (2007)

Double Classic Novels "Treasures" contains:
Secret Star / Treasures Lost, Treasures Found (2008)

Stand Alone Books

Tribute (2008)
High Noon (2007)
Angels Fall (2006)
The Best Mistake (2005)
Spellbound (2005)
Blue Smoke (2005)
Northern Lights (2004)
Birthright (2003)
Remember When (2003) Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb
Three Fates, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (2002)
Midnight Bayou, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (2001)
The Villa, G. P. Putnam’s Sons (2001)
Carolina Moon, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (2000)
River’s End, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (1999)
The Reef, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (1998)
Homeport, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (1998)
Sanctuary, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (1997)
Montana Sky, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (1996) - Nora Roberts’ 100th published novel
True Betrayals, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (1995)
Hidden Riches, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (1994)
Private Scandals, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (1993)
Honest Illusions, G.P. Putnam’s Sons (1992)
Divine Evil, Bantam Books (1992)
Carnal Innocence, Bantam Books (1992)
Genuine Lies, Bantam Books (1991)
Public Secrets, Bantam Books (1990)
The Welcoming, Silhouette Special Edition (1989)
Gabriel’s Angel, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1989)
Sweet Revenge, Bantam Books (1989)
Temptation, Silhouette Romance (1987)
Hot Ice, Bantam Books (1987)
Risky Business, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1986)
The Art of Deception, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1986)
Night Moves, Harlequin Intrigue (1985)
Partners, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1985)
Promise Me Tomorrow, Pocket Books (1984)
First Impressions, Silhouette Special Edition (1984)
The Law is a Lady, Silhouette Special Edition (1984)
A Matter of Choice, Silhouette Intimate Moments (1984)
Less of a Stranger, Silhouette Romance (1984)
Sullivan’s Woman, Silhouette Romance (1984)
Storm Warning, Silhouette Romance (1984)
Untamed, Silhouette Romance (1983)
From This Day, Silhouette Romance (1983)
Blithe Images, Silhouette Romance (1982)


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