The Books of Mary Roberts Rinehart

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The Books of Mary Roberts Rinehart
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The Books of Mary Roberts Rinehart

This is a collector's checklist of books by Mary Roberts Rinehart. I hope you find this guide useful, and enjoy her books as much as I.

Mary Roberts Rinehart


Biography of Mary Roberts Rinehart

She was born in Pittsburgh in 1876 and trained as a nurse. Her early stories are nurse romances. As she achieved fame, she turned to mystery books. She started the HAD-I-BUT-KNOWN school of writing in which the narrator of the story makes retrospective asides to the present day reader. She invested in a publishing company which would bear her name (Farrar and Rinehart) and publish her books after 1930. Many of her mystery stories feature old, decrepit mansions and the old upper class families which inhabit them. She died in 1958.

Bibliography of Mary Roberts Rinehart

US Title [UK title] date N=novel S=Short stories

Affinities  1920 S
After House, The  1914 N
Album, The  1933
Alibi for Isabel  1944 S
Altar of Freedom, The
Amazing Adventures of Letitia Carberry, The  1911 S
Amazing Interlude, The  1918 N
Bab, A Sub-Deb  1917 N
Book of Tish, The  1926 S
Breaking Point, The  1922 N
Case of Jennie Brice, The  1913 N
Circular Staircase, The  1908 N
Curve of the Catenary, The  1945 N
Dangerous Days  1919 N
Doctor, The  1936 N
Door, The  1930 N
Episode of the Wandering Knife [The Wandering Knife] 1950 S
Familiar Faces  1931 S
Frightened Wife, The  1953 S
Great Mistake  1940 N
Haunted Lady  1942 N
K. 1915 N
Kings Queens and Pawns  1915 N
Light in the Window  1948 N
Long Live the King  1917 N
Lost Ecstasy  1927 N
Love Stories  1919 S
Man in Lower Ten, The  1909 N
Married People  1937 S
Miss Pinkerton [The Double Alibi] 1932 N
More Tish  1921 S
Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk
My Story   1931 Autobiography
My Story   1948 Autobiography updated
Nomad's Land  1926 S
Out Trail, The
Poor Wise Man, A  1920 N
Red Lamp, The [The Mystery Lamp] 1925 N
Romantics, The  1929 S
Sight Unseen, and The Confession  1921 N
State vs. Elinor Norton [The Case of Elinor Norton]  1934 N
Street of Seven Stars  1914 N
Swimming Pool, The [The Pool] 1952 N
Temperamental People  1924 S
Tenting Tonight
This Strange Adventure  1929 N
Through Glacier Park
Tish  1916  S
Tish Marches On  1937 S
Tish Plays the Game  1926 S
Truce of God, The
Twenty-three and a Half Hour's Leave
Two Flights Up  1928 N
Wall, The  1938 N
When a Man Marries  1909 N
Where There's a Will  1912 N
Window at the White Cat, The  1910 N
Yellow Room  1945 N

With Avery Hopwood:
The Bat 1926
(novel written from the play)

With Irvin S. Cobb:
Isn't That Just Like a Man?
Oh! Well! You Know How Momen Are!
(these were published back-to-back in one volume)

Compilations of Previously Published Material

  • Mary Roberts Rinehart's Crime Book  1925 edition (contains The After House, The Buckled Bag, The Locked Door, The Red Lamp, The Window at the White Cat)
  • Mary Roberts Rinehart's Crime Book  1957 edition (contains The Door, The Confession, The Red Lamp)
  • Mary Roberts Rinehart's Mystery Book (contains The Circular Staircase, The Man in Lower Ten, The Case of Jennie Brice
  • Mary Roberts Rinehart's Romance Book (not sure what it contains! Anyone know?)


  • Murphy, Bruce F. 2001. The Encyclopedia of Murder and Mystery. Palgrave / St. Martin's Minotaur, New York.
  • Rinehart, Mary Roberts. 1948. My Story.


If you know of any corrections or clarifications to this guide, I would appreciate your sending them to me, and I will revise this page. Thanks for making it better! - rickmills9


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