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The Best Bread Making Mixer; KitchenAid vs. Bosch

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What is the answer for those who want homemade bread, but need more than one or two loaves at a time?  I am an avid bread baker.  With a large family, a bread machine is pointless, so I needed a good mixer that would knead the dough for me, so the only labor left on my part was shaping the loaves.

I first decided on a KitchenAid.  However, I was disappointed that I could mix only two loaves at a time.  I would mix a batch of dough, set it aside to raise, mix another batch, etc.  As our family grew, I became more frustrated with this.  My mother in law had a Bosch that she had owned for about 40 years.  She told me that it would mix six loaves at once.  I researched and found that she was right.  After checking to see if there were other options, I decided a Bosch was what I wanted.  I love my Bosch!  It does handle six loaves (I do only five whole wheat).  It does all the kneading and makes a beautiful loaf of bread.

The Bosch also comes with a blender.  I've always owned a good blender, but after having bought my Bosch, got rid of it.  I doubt there is a more powerful blender on the market!

The only thing I liked better about my KitchenAid was that I never had to scrape the bowl when making cookie dough.  The Bosch requires it.  Bread dough mixes fine without scraping, just not cookie dough.

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