The Benefits of Using Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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The Benefits of Using Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Whether traveling, working out at the gym, or simply walking around town, the versatility of using Bluetooth wireless headphones makes sense. Bluetooth wireless headphones allow users the ability to enjoy their favorite music or videos anytime, anywhere without the inconvenience attached to traditional wired headphone units. In today's fast-paced world, the ability to make one's life even a little bit easier cannot be discounted, and one easy and affordable way to do this is through Bluetooth wireless headphones.

This buying guide is designed to take buyers through the benefits of using Bluetooth wireless headphones by first explaining the Bluetooth system itself. Next, four distinct benefits of using Bluetooth technology, specifically Bluetooth wireless headphones, will be discussed. Finally, some quick buyers' tips, including the benefits of purchasing Bluetooth wireless headphones on eBay,, will help those ready to make a purchase find the perfect set of headphones at the best price.

Understanding Bluetooth Technology

Part of the reason that using Bluetooth wireless headphones makes so much sense stems from the technology and the integration possible between seemingly dissonant devices. Contrary to popular belief, the term Bluetooth does not refer to a product brand, but to a platform of technology with an interesting back story. Several brands that range from Sony to Motorola to Apple allow for Bluetooth capability on their devices. However, there are regulations that each unit must meet in order to boast the name Bluetooth. In essence, this means that devices must follow certain standards and qualifications.

A History of Bluetooth

The wireless technology synonymous with handsfree calling on cell phones is known as Bluetooth, which makes little sense to most users. However, the technology actually derives its name from a Danish king whose name was Harald. Reigning from approximately 958 AD to his death around 985, Harald I of Denmark was known in his native tongue as "Blatand." Harald I is known among Scandinavians as the king who united several tribes across the region in an effort to create a unified Scandinavian state. Thus, when inventor Jim Kardach began developing a wireless technology aimed at uniting computers and cellphones he consciously chose the Anglicized version of "Blatand," Bluetooth, to signal this unity. He knew about King Harald Bluetooth, as they called him, thanks to the novel "The Long Ships&" by Frans Gunnar Bengtsson.

The universal symbol used for Bluetooth traces its design back to the runic symbols of Hagall (H) and Bjarkan (B) meant to stand for Harald Bluetooth's initials. The Bluetooth symbol, which usually illuminates a signature blue when engaged on a particular device, is therefore called a bind rune.

Modern Bluetooth

Kardach's initial idea for a unifying technological platform meant to merge different electronic devices was only the starting point for what most people today know as Bluetooth technology. Back in the early 1990s, telecom vendor Ericsson,, later acquired by Sony, developed a plan for a wireless alternative to RS -232 cables,, which were used to connect devices such as computers, printers, color scanners, and fax machines. Operating on a complex system of seven different ports, RS-232 cable technology was cumbersome for companies and individuals. It also made synchronization between multiple devices nearly impossible.

As an answer to this problem, the Bluetooth system was developed. Bluetooth operates on a radio technology system known as frequency-hopping spread spectrum. This system takes data and chops it into several smaller pieces and then transmits them in chunks. This is completed on 79 different 1 MHz bands which range from 2402 to 2480 MHz. Since these frequencies are located within the globally unlicensed Industrial, Scientific, and Medical short-range radio frequency band, Bluetooth is considered an open-source technology. That is not to say, however, that being designated a Bluetooth device is as simple as operating within 2402 to 2480 MHz.

Making a Bluetooth Device

In order to properly operate as a Bluetooth device, a unit must conform to what is known as a Bluetooth profile. In short, this means that the device must be compatible with a subset of protocols unique to their classification of devices (hands - free headsets and cell phones, for example). Bluetooth profiles basically operate as standards that manufacturers must follow to ensure that a device will be compatible with other Bluetooth devices. It is through this profile and set of standards that multiple manufacturers can make Bluetooth devices and offer them to the public with little to no issue in terms of synchronization. The details of these standards are maintained by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

Bluetooth Classes

The complex nature of the Bluetooth profile system allows for devices to be divided into three distinct classes which describe their effective range of communication. Because Bluetooth operates on radio waves, a direct sight line between utilized devices is not necessary. However, there is a limit to how far each class of Bluetooth can transmit, which is described in the table below:


Maximum Power (Milliwats)

Range (Meters)

Class 1



Class 2



Class 3



Despite the numbers displayed in the table above, the effective range for Bluetooth devices can still vary quite a bit. This is because there are several other factors, such as environments, interference, and mixed classes (a Class 1 transceiver with a Class 2 receiver, for example) that will impact a Bluetooth unit's range. However, it is important to note the enormous difference between Class 1 and Class 2 and 3 in terms of range. Generally, larger, more industrial, and more expensive devices will fall into the Class 1 range, whereas smaller and cheaper Bluetooth devices are more likely to be Class 2 or 3.

Four Benefits of Using Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Clearly, the amazing capabilities of the Bluetooth system itself is enough reason to consider the purchase of Bluetooth wireless headphones. However, four other, more practical reasons can also apply. These four reasons, outlined below, will make the decision to use Bluetooth wireless headphones a snap.

1. Using Bluetooth Is Easy

Despite the complicated system through which Bluetooth as a whole operates, using Bluetooth wireless headphones themselves is simple. Almost all major devices that have the ability to download music and video, such as iPhones and Android devices, already have built-in Bluetooth capabilities that make using Bluetooth wireless headphones as easy as turning both devices on and pairing them together. Once this is accomplished, using Bluetooth wireless headphones is as simple as taking them out and turning them on along with their paired device. What's more, the absence of wires makes mobility when using Bluetooth wireless headphones far simpler and hassle-free than traditional wired headphone systems.

2. Wireless Headphones Have a Large Range

Generally speaking, Bluetooth wireless headphones are a Class 2 Bluetooth device. This means that users can generally get up a move around the room while still using a Bluetooth wireless headset. If the home unit, such as a computer, is within a 30 foot range, there will be no interruption to the headphone signal which is really helpful for office workers who cannot always stay in one place.

3. More than One Device Can Be Used

One of the biggest benefits to Bluetooth technology over the older forms, such as RS-232 cables and headphone plugs, is that more than one device can easily be connected into one home unit. Therefore, more than one person can listen to the same iPod or movie using different sets of properly paired Bluetooth wireless headphones.

In the same manner, more than one home device can be linked to the same headset. Therefore, a person at work can hook a Bluetooth headset into their computer as well as their personal cell phone. Then, when a call is received, the signal will come through, triggering the user to answer the phone call despite the sound coming from the computer.

4. Bluetooth Technology Is Strong

Again, the whole concept of Bluetooth as it is described above can be a bit overwhelming. However, at the same time, it is a tried and true technology that has been tested, vetted, and controlled since its invention in the late 20th century. Choosing to use Bluetooth enables buyers the ability to merge several different units, from different manufacturers, without worrying about compatibility problems. In addition, Bluetooth is a backwards compatible technology. This means that a new wireless headset will connect with an old computer or iPod with ease.

Buying Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Clearly, there are many benefits of using Bluetooth wireless headphones. Whether the purpose is to use wireless headphones for work or for recreation, there are a variety of applications that can be made. However, before this can occur, a user needs to purchase the headphones themselves. This step involves additional evaluation of different headphone models as well as the consideration of where to purchase the Bluetooth wireless headphones themselves.

Different Types of Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Like any electronics or audio-related technology, there are different specifications that users may want to consider when buying Bluetooth wireless headphones. Though beyond the scope of this particular guide, these general specs include whether the user prefers to listen to their audio through earbuds, ear pads, or ear cups. There is also the choice between an ear hook versus headband fit, as well as a choice between compact, foldable headphones or larger, noise cancelling headphone models.
For more info on the different types of bluetooth wireless headphones, watch this video:

Where to Purchase Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

Once a user has decided on the proper specifications for his or her needs, the process of purchasing can be similarly complex. Most major electronics retailers provide a variety of Bluetooth wireless headphone options. Individual manufacturers also offer many options online and in boutique-style shops. There is also the option to look towards making a purchase through an open marketplace such as eBay.

Buying Bluetooth Wireless Headphones on eBay

The sellers in eBay's Consumer Electronics Shop offer buyers a variety of options when it comes to Bluetooth wireless headphones. They cover all the major choices including compact earbuds as well as larger, noise cancelling headphone models. Buyers can easily find the right option through general searches or through the Advanced Search option which will allow them to easily limit results to a particular brand or style, such as over the ear style headphones.

Each seller in the eBay marketplace will have specific offers that may also help buyers save money. This involves the choice to purchase pre - owned or refurbished headphones from either individuals or larger electronics retailers. When buying used or refurbished models, however, buyers should carefully read the product description and contact the seller with any questions before purchase.


Nowadays, so much of people's lives revolve around wireless devices such as cell phones, tablet computers,, and MP3 players. The ability to use these devices anywhere at any time makes people's lives and work far more accessible and easy. One way to help with this process is through the use of Bluetooth wireless headphones, a technology with an interesting back story.

Because it is based on a sophisticated, radio wave-based technology, Bluetooth allows users several benefits. The benefits of using Bluetooth wireless headphones includes ease of use, a great range of reception, the ability to merge multiple devices, and proven technology. In total, this system is superior to traditional wired headphones on all levels, helping users enjoy music and videos or other audio from a variety of sources with ease.

In addition, buying Bluetooth wireless headphones adds even more variety. Users are offered a host of different products and options when purchasing Bluetooth wireless headphones, and they are available through several retailers. A great way to save money, however, is through purchasing Bluetooth wireless headphones through the Consumer Electronics Shop on eBay.

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