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The Anarchist Cookbook. Yes, it is a collector series but it is not a cookbook for food. This book is real and somewhat stupid. It was composed back during the Vietnam War and Conflict. Yes, this is my era in time. I am not a Draft Dodger and I also did not believe in the Vietnam War, however I do believe in Anarchy. I served my country and did that for a reason. Freedom!
The Anarchist Cookbook (ISBN 0-9623032-0-8) is a book written by William Powell. It was published in 1971 and was intended as a protest against the United States government over the Vietnam war. The book contains recipes and instructions for the manufacture of explosives, drugs, a number of now obsolete telecommunications hacking devices, and other controversial subjects. NOTE: "We are the only one to have the Origional Anarchist Cookbook (Book) composed in Adobe Reader pdf content. The whole 159 pages, 211 MB".

 Keep in mind, this was not the very first Anarchist Cookbook. A person that went by the name of BU was the very first to create Anarchy files. Jolly Roger was the one who has made The Anarchist Cookbook to be what it is known as today. Also, beware of sellers claiming to have the origional in text format or PDF files. It as of todate has only been done by maybe a few, and we do have it in a PDF format. 211 MB. Yes, we have it and to our knowledge only part of a hand full that has these files. These are extremly rare to have.

While The Anarchist Cookbook is legally available in the United States, the information contained in the book includes instructions for adult readers. Because of this, access to the book is often restricted, with some bookstores refusing to sell the book to persons under 21 years of age. Authorities and munitions experts have stated that the instructions in the book should never be attempted by inexperienced persons. It has been suggested that the book contains errors and other problems that make it unreliable for use. Some believe the (untrue) rumor that the book was actually written by the FBI or some other branch of the US government, and that the dangerous errors in the recipes were put there to injure would-be terrorists. The book is treated more as a set of guidelines, or a book of ideas, than an instruction manual for terrorists. Part of this book has a martial arts section on street fighting unarmed.

Activists and spokespersons often see the banning of books such as The Anarchist Cookbook as a move against freedom of speech. The argument used in the defense of this and similar publications includes such statements as "guns don't kill people, people kill people." This can be interpreted as meaning the information contained itself in The Anarchist Cookbook is only dangerous in the hands of people who intend to use it. They also note that information on the same topics (including construction of explosive devices) is freely available at most libraries, and suppression of this book will not prevent such information from being obtained by people who look for it.

Other "underground" books have taken the basic premise of The Anarchist Cookbook and expanded upon it. Some of these books, including E for Ecstasy and The Big Book of Mischief, have been confiscated by authorities as "instruction manuals" for the manufacture of explosives and illegal drugs. An updated version of Cookbook has been compiled by CrimethInc.

Note: Our CD'S still have what we call Hush Hush files for reading enjoyment plus extreme Videos with Audio! Thousands of Anarchist files and information as well.

Statement by William Powell regarding The Anarchist Cookbook

The author himself no longer approves of the book, and stated (links were not in original statement),

"The Anarchist Cookbook was written during 1968 and part of 1969 soon after I graduated from high school. At the time, I was 19 years old and the Vietnam War and the so-called "counter culture movement" were at their height. I was involved in the anti-war movement and attended numerous peace rallies and demonstrations. The book, in many respects, was a misguided product of my adolescent anger at the prospect of being drafted and sent to Vietnam to fight in a war that I did not believe in.

I conducted the research for the manuscript on my own, primarily at the New York City Public Library. Most of the contents were gleaned from Military and Special Forces Manuals. I was not member of any radical group of either a left or right wing persuasion.

I submitted the manuscript directly to a number of publishers without the help or advice of an agent. Ultimately, it was accepted by Lyle Stuart Inc. and was published verbatim—without editing—in early 1970. Contrary to what is the normal custom, the copyright for the book was taken out in the name of the publisher rather than the author. I did not appreciate the significance of this at the time and would only come to understand it some years later when I requested that the book be taken out of print.

The central idea to the book was that violence is an acceptable means to bring about political change. I no longer agree with this.

Apparently in recent years, The Anarchist Cookbook has seen a number of "copy cat" type publications, some with remarkably similar titles (Anarchist Cookbook II, III etc). I am not familiar with these publications and cannot comment upon them. I can say that the original Anarchist Cookbook has not been revised or updated in any way by me since it was first published.
During the years that followed its publication, I went to a university, got married, became a father and a teacher of adolescents. These developments had a profound moral and spiritual effect on me. I found that I no longer agreed with what I had written earlier and I was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the ideas that I had put my name to. In 1976 I became a confirmed Anglican Christian and shortly thereafter I wrote to Lyle Stuart Inc. explaining that I no longer held the views that were expressed in the book and requested that The Anarchist Cookbook be taken out of print. The response from the publisher was that the copyright was in his name and therefore such a decision was his to make—not the author's. In the early 1980s, the rights for the book were sold to another publisher. I have had no contact with that publisher (other than to request that the book be taken out of print) and I receive no royalties.

Unfortunately, the book continues to be in print and with the advent of the Internet several websites dealing with it have emerged.

—William Powell

- In the late 1980s, a collection of computer text files were put together to form "The Jolly Roger's Cookbook" It was distributed through online BBS. (A computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest). This collection of unreliable files soon came to be known as "The Anarchist Cookbook" The actual Anarchist Cookbook, and "The Jolly Roger's Cookbook" often are confused with one another, due to people renaming the file and or files. (We have all of the files on our CD'S)!

Both of these manuals contain information for making drugs, one of which describes the procedure for making LSD. In both manuals, the "LSD Recipe" is completely false. They describe how to make a drug known as LSA (which is similar to LSD), but the process they both describe is not clean and, according to authorities and persons with experience in the field of drug manufacturing (illegal and otherwise), will yield a bad product.

The Movie

- In 2002 the movie "The Anarchist Cookbook" was produced using the actual book as a key to the plot. The plot of the movie is about a young honor student-gone-anarchist, Puck (Devon Gummersall) and his group of anarchist friends living peacefully in a Dallas commune until the nihilist Johnny Black (Dylan Bruno) shows up with the Anarchist Cookbook and completly destroys their way of life.


The Anarchist Cookbook Text Files.

These are the files you now see being sold on eBay. The Anarchist Cookbook and a bunch of files to go along with it. Are they real? Yes and No! You have to also understand that for the most part they are just for reading enjoyment and ment to be used for nothing else. Yes they are still legal as well.

Fact: The Origional Anarchy Cookbook has never been released or composed to my knowledge on a CD or a DVD or even text files. Beware of buying one stated as so, as it may not be a origional. "Ours Is!"

Fact: There is well over 15,000 plus files that can be found over a length of time. Keep in mind that many of these files are duplicates and have been composed by many diffrent authors. The latest updated files have been created in the early 2000. Since 2001 there have been no new updates. (Our Files have been up-dated many many times)!

These CD's or DVD's as well as the book, The Anarchist Cookbook will some day become a collector item. When? At present know one knows.

I hope this has helped anyone that wanted to know about Anarchy.

Keep in mind that for the most part, our collection is a collection of history and not how to blow up things or do anything illegal. (Yes there is Hush Hush files included on our CD'S, but only for information and reading enjoyment)! We can't say that you will not find out how to make bombs or explossives or convert guns to use for illegay methods. What we offer is 100% legal and does not have anything to do with terrisom or terrist activites.

Always remember to check the sellers feedback! It is there reputation and you have to trust them. See what they have left for others as well.It is not always wat you see is what you get. Ask questions. How are they shipping the item? Do Not pay Inflated Shipping and Handeling charges.

Insurance is most of the time listed as a Option. Keep this in mind. from $0.01 to $50.00 coverage for a insured package only cost $1.35. This only coveres your bid or winning price, not the S/H costs, and you have to file the claim. Is your item worth all that? A high cost item, YES, but a low cost item, NO!

This is the real Anarchist Cookbook.  Others use this as a sales method. We only offer our contents on CD Format. We are now also including Videos with Audo. These are extreme Hush Hush Videos.

These are our real files converted.    The Anarchist Cookbook full series of text files, pdf files information and more. (All Files)! The Anarchist Cookbook (Book) Converted page by page to a 211 MB Adobe reader PDF File. (The Real Book, 159 pages)! The total Poor Man's James Bond series by Kurt Saxon. (The Leader and Teacher in Survival)! Over 2 hours of videos. (Real hush hush videos you will not find elseware)! Plus lots more always..

To be continued!

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