Textbook Selling online, IMPORTANT YOU READ

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Textbook Selling online, IMPORTANT YOU READ
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Findmybooks.com AKA sellyourtextbook.com AKA Textbookexchange.com

I sold some books to a company online recently to findmybooks.com. Let me tell you this, findmybooks.com is also sellyourtextbook.com and who knows what other names. This findmybooks.com works through Textbookexchange in Oklahoma. Textbookexchange works by working with other spaning company online names (this is bad business especially if it wasn't TBexchange fault). But then again maybe all these companies are solely one person creating havoc in the textbook world of business. These companies all create a spiderweb effect. Nobody really knows if the companies are fiction or nonfiction like books. Contacting these companies after two weeks time when you sell your book can become aggravating. Sometimes no return emails or phone returns, when you go online there are thousands on textbook buyback.

Rules to know from my experiences

1..... Do not use the free shipping form they offer (print the form out and find the address in the bold face square box not the postage due unit address). If you use the free label the post office will not let you insure a prepaid label.

2...... Purchase insurance and dilervery confirmation because 50/50 chance your never going to get paid. Now your protected after 30 days in mail, now go to your post office and file a claim. You can only claim online payment for your books (online book is paying you $135 for your six books, this is all you can insure for not total retail price).

3.... Take photos of your books before you ship them just for your protection if this company says the books are in lower quality then you think they are.

Jitterbook AKA Old Orchard Books

When I mailed my books to jitterbook.com in California in Santa Clara, this company has moved from Division street to Grant street and now nowhere. I called around and hit a company across the street from 1709 Grant street found out the building is empty. The post office told me that Jitterbook comes in once a week to pick up books.

If they come in once a week to pick up books how long do you think they will sit around to cut you a check or pay through Paypal. I'm on day 13 right now. No money has been paid yet.


I don't send textbooks through the mail anylonger to textbook buyers (send book we'll pay you quickly and highest paid prices). I actually stopped buying or hunting for textbooks to resale. To hit two companies who don't care that you get paid in a row is not bad luck this is the usual tendency from these textbook buyers online. I sent the books in good faith yet they hold your money in bad faith. One company was in Oklahoma & 2nd was in California.


Findmybooks.com or should I say Textbookexchange.com took over 70+ days to send me a check (check # 39875 for orders #2377 & #2382= $61).


Jitterbook got my books on July17th, I mailed them July 6th. Today is July 29th. I'm waiting to file fraud on August 6th (30 days, benefit of the doubt). Jitterbook owes me $53.50 through Paypal for 3 books I sold them.

Update on Jitter; after calling BBB, I got a echeck through PayPal for $53.50 yesterday August 5th.


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