Temporary Solution for when fillings fall out suddenly

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Just wanted to share something awesome with those out there who are in similar circumstance as my family.

Dental insurance is soooo outrageously high here where we live that we just have the minimum coverage for 6 months or yearly check ups and cleanings. Nothing major.

So imagine my shock when suddenly one of my fillings came out when I was just flossing my teeth using one of those new fangled toothpicker flosser thingys by Dentek!

The toothpick floss thing actually got stuck between my teeth; I guess either my teeth are really tight together or the floss is not the slick waxed kind that makes flossing easier.

Anyhow, my tooth still felt like there was a piece of corn stuck between it and another tooth but I managed to keep brushing and finally thought I had it resolved when I noticed my filling was actually gone for a day or so!

No pain or anything like that it just felt weird there.

So I called my local dentist and they wanted arms legs and toenails as my Wife puts it just to see me to put a new filling in because they say that fillings don't just fall out like this for no reason though it was my fault for getting that toothpicker thingy stuck in there and that made it loose no doubt! Not a sudden filling falling out as much to do with me flossing with one of those toothpicker flosser things and it got stuck so I pulled it too hard and out came the filling too!

So I went to my local Pharmacist and he had this stuff called Refilit Filling Material in cherry flavor ...they had other brands too but I figured I needed the cherry since I hate going to the dentist and know this stuff can taste awful.

I had already read up on this stuff and the directions for it online and so I knew it would be not an easy job but just something to put in the missing filling as a temporary fix until I could see my regular reasonable dentist with an appointment later this month.

The Dentist always recommended to put a piece of sugarless chewing gum in the missing filling until a dentist could repair it but this stuff Refilit actually works better than that solution any old day of the week. Guess gum would work if you had no way to get this stuff I used!

And so my Wife she asks her best friend who works for a Dentist to come over and assist me like I was sooo embarrassed and determined I would have it done Before her friend could come over to help!

I bought the Refilit brand product for repair of Lost fillings made by DenTemp and it is supposed to be Maximum Strength eugenol free. So I get this tiny little bottle and it comes with a spatula like thing to scoop out the amount you need and so on. I had in hand one of those little slanted mirrors the dentist uses that you can buy on ebay or in the local drugstore, a clean toothbrush, a sink, and a couple dampened q-tips to place the product with in case my fingers were too big. AND most important of all, I washed my hands and arms really well with Dettol soap to disinfect so as not to put extra germs in my mouth especially the tooth I would be working on.

I tried and tried to get this stuff to stick to my top tooth that needed repair and could not seem to make it happen.This repair stuff reminds me of the way Caulk feels that you would use to caulk your tub or sink or shower with. It is that type deal or even that paper tape you use in plumbing repairs. It was not easy that is for sure! I was just about ready to give up when I said OK the package states the tiny container has enough in it for 8 + repairs...I already had used quite a bit before getting the hang of this. Glad it only cost me $4.99.

You need to take out only the tiny amount you need as it does spread out once applied and close the lid on the container as it does set up and dry rather fast!

I took my smaller finger and knowing the spot that needed to be filled I placed it there and bit down on it really hard and kept biting and then leaving my mouth slightly open so air could get in and dry the thing faster. Sure enough, this time I was onto something.

And just imagine, all this while I am doing this my Wife is watching me and laughing so hard as I do imagine I looked rather silly with my face right up to the bathroom mirror and so on!

BUT~ It did not fall out and it is in fact still in and my Wife cannot tell which is the temporary filling and which is the real filling that is how good it is in there and it was on the small tooth on the side before you get to the back teeth....half the side was missing already but then the filling went missing and I decided to try this to protect the pulp and tissue from further damage and did such a good job now I can even eat on it!

But I did make an appointment for a new filling in a week or so and I am being careful.

I am so pleased by this product and it's results as I did dread having to go to the dentist with my tooth exposed and him tell me I would need a root canal because there was too much damage since it had been open for over a week. Now I know it will be a simple refill and all will be well!

I would recommend this to anyone and all my friends will be hearing about it, as this is really a neat and simple way to fill a tooth that has a missing filling til you can get back to the dentist to repair properly.

Please know I did brush my teeth well and use salt and water gargle really well first and then applied the product and let it set up for many hours before drinking or eating and then when I did drink I used a straw as our dentist has told us this protects the teeth a little better than not using one.

So far so good! and it was only $4.99 at the pharmacy. Great deal for temporary relief though I did not have pain! I recommend this product highly and suggest you just have A GREAT DEAL of Patience and perservere as you too will get the hang of it after a few attempts. IF I can do it ANYONE can do it!

Thank you for letting me to share and good luck!

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