Tarr -- Rock-n-Roll Girl Tarr of Girl Authority

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Tarr -- Rock-n-Roll Girl Tarr of Girl Authority
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Rock-n-Roll Girl - Rock-n-Roll Girl Tarr of Girl Authority

Interesting note about Rock-N-Roll Girl - she looks at least 10 years older than Preppy Girl (8) and claims to enjoy writing music... but all of the Girl Authority songs are remakes of classic pop hits - so, if she really is this generation's James Taylor, who is singing them? Here is the 411 about Rock-N-Roll Girl Tarr from Girl Authority:

Rock-n-Roll Girl loves listening to new music, hanging out with friends, and writing songs. Her third grade Halloween costume was . . . a rock star!
Rock & Roll Girl 411

Age: 13
Always says: “Awesome”
Never leaves home without: her i-Pod
Favorite school subject: Music
Favorite animal: Pugs
Favorite food: In-and-Out Burgers
Favorite ice cream flavor: cookies & cream
You’ll find her: checking out new bands on-line
Zodiac sign: Pisces
The other girls say she’s: cool

About Girl Authority

Fresh off of the success of High School Musical, GIRL AUTHORITY is about to make it very big with their upcoming "Girl Authority" album. Girl Authority asks you to "Just do the math":

15 hit songs. 9 intriguing personalities. 1 amazing group of friends. This is Girl Authority. “The girls” are nine real kids ranging from ages 8 to 13. Friends for years, the girls love to sing, dance, laugh and hang out together!


The Girl Authority Girls

Each girl has a distinctive name and a distictive style. Below are each of Girl Authority girls:
Fashion Girl - Alex, 13
Party Girl - Kate, 11
Rock 'n' Roll Girl - Tarr, 13
Urban Girl - Gina, 12
All-Star Girl - Jacqueline, 13
Bohemian Girl - Jess, 12
Daughter of Rounder president and CEO John Virant: Preppy Girl - Zoe, 8
Glamour Girl - Carly, 13
Country Girl - Crystal, 11

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