Taking Good Photos

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Taking Good Photos
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Just some quick pointers on how to take effective professionally looking pictures

  • Clean your area of dust, dirt and pollen or use a clean backdrop
  • Make sure your picture is taken by itself not near other things around your house
  • Shoot outdoors on a cloudy day or in open shade. Don’t shoot in direct sunlight, as the contrast is too high
  • If its nice outside, take a picture on your deck, patio or pool if you have one
  • Get close-up to your item as this will show the cosemetic condition or defects that you want to point out
  • When I'm taking pictures I usually show the product being used or turned on (if applicable)
  • Take a picture next to a ruler or coin to avoid any mistakes or perception issues with the size of the item
  • Recently I've thought about printing out a piece of paper with my user id on it to show that the picture is mine
  • If you are taking your pictures inside do it on a wooden floor, table, decent couch/chair


Thank you and I hope you found this useful

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