TV Eyes 3D Glasses - Customer Reviews

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TV Eyes 3D Glasses - Customer Reviews
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TV Eyes 3D Glasses make 2D movies look 3D without electronics.


I have used these for a whole month and I am amazed. It is not completely like IMAX 3-D, but the next best thing. I thank you very much for this experience. As I said, I really don't understand the science behind them, but I am very happy with the glasses. TV has never been the same. And the STAR WARS Saga in 3-D is just great.! Gives me some idea what the future holds.

Thank you again.

Brother Fré in California

Not as good as the old Realeyes 3D in use with a digital TV set at level 10, but until those future 'come at you' HDTV 3D units appear with affordable prices; these glasses work just fine. In fact prior to buying these glasses, I sent back a competitor's shutter 3D unit. Without darkened lenses (like the Realeye's), the shutter effect gave me a headache. So I sent away for these. After a few minutes my eyes adjusted and the 3D is evident and in fact no ghost and even clearer than my old Realeyes. These glasses do sharpen the picture. That other 3D shutter unit, does not beat these glasses. Sure you can achieve a greater depth; but also greater distortion, with ghost to boot. An adjustment of the head corrects any slight distortion with these glasses. Sit back at least 8 feet from the TV and you'll improve the focusing. The glasses give, so you can adjust them to fit better.

As far as I'm concerned, there is nothing else out there better. All my Realeyes glasses' cords got messed up and I could never find any replacements. These glasses are the only alternative in my book. Even at level 4, with shutter glasses, there's a ghost. With these you get a comparable level, if not greater with no ghosting of picture. I use a glareshield on my TV and the effect along with these glasses is awesome.

December 18, 2007, By Hannibal Lavine Jr.

I finally received my pair of tv eyes glasses & I saw two effects that the glasses make:1. some things realy stand out more than others if you keep focus on that object,& 2.the glasses improve the picture & makes it clean & clear. I love them! I've tried the glasses with Mario Kart wii & I got pretty impresive results.  P.S. Thanks again for the glasses. I am very impressed with them. I'm going to use them every time I watch TV & go to the theater!

R. Starke 


 Hi, I just wanted to let you know that both my husband and I love the glasses. We can totally see the difference they make. We have an older 60" projection tv we watch movies on as a family and the resolution is terrible compared to the average smaller tv's. But we like the size and it was cheap, LoL. But these glasses made watching New Moon so cool. It does take a little getting used to. Sometimes my eyes don't want to tune out the lines. Other times they do just fine. Seems to be a me thing. But I love them. I have my family convinced! Looks like we will be getting more for Christmas! Thank you for selling these! I had never heard of them before I stumbled on your ad. I have 3 more to buy, so I will be back. Plus I'll show them to everyone who comes over! lol I think they are so cool.


Crystal  (Buyer: colabear7) 7/2/10

I just wanted to let you know that these glasses are a dream come true. Since 1983, I have been watching TV basically through one eye. Due to an injury, I lost well over 50% of my vision in my left eye. By wearing these glasses, I can actually see TV in stereoscopic vision again. It's almost too good to be true, but it is TRUE!!! Thank God for innovators!! And thank you for having such a wonderful product.   

(Buyer:  chromedome66)  Jul-06-10



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