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This guide is to help potential buyers to buy an authentic TOD'S handbag on eBay.

I have been a collector of TOD'S handbags and shoes since the early 1990's.

Use these tips when trying to determine if a TODS bag listed is authentic.  If no pictures of these details appear, ask the seller for more pictures.

If you need authentication please consider Fakespotters.

TOD'S handbags are handmade in Italy.  The inside zippered pocket should say Made in Italy, Geniune Leather with a series of numbers.  The zippers on an authentic TOD'S handbag are ALWAYS metal and marked 'Lampo' on the back.  If the zipper is marked RiRi, this is okay also, seems TODS used RiRi zippers on some styles, maybe styles made for outlet only.  The inside lining on most styles is a solid color canvas, except the D-Bag which has an unfinished lining and leather pockets. 

There are some newer styles (Spring 2008 and forward) with a TODS mongram lining.

The stitching should be uniform throughout the handbag, sloppy stitching can be found on fakes.

All hardware should be stamped with a 'T' or TOD'S.

The leather zipper pulls are also embossed with a 'T'.

These tips should help you determine if a TODS bag is authentic.  The pictures above are of bags from my personal collection. If you need authentication please consider Fakespotters.

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