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This is a QUICK FYI GUIDE for those that are setting up a New eBay Seller Account, or those that currently have an eBay Seller Account and just want to make sure that it is set up properly, and where to go for the correct settings.

For ALL eBay Seller Account Settings, simply go to the My eBay Summary, and in the left hand column, you'll see the option MY ACCOUNT, and under that is PREFERENCES.

  • Select PREFERENCES, as this is where you can skim through the many different account settings, and select the settings that best suit your needs, as well as your customers' needs.

The one setting that we would like to focus on is the SELLING PREFERENCES.

Simply select SELLING PREFERENCES, and then click PAYMENT FROM BUYERS. For this, we have YES selected for all.

Once you have saved the above settings, then click on SHIPPING PREFERENCES. Here you would select all of the desired options that best fit your needs as well as your customers' needs.

These are very important settings, and should be properly set to insure the best possible eBay experience for you and your customers alike.

We hope that you have found this Guide HELPFUL. If you're new to selling on eBay, or have been selling for many years, please feel free to browse our other Guides on eBay Accounts and Settings. We also have 100's of Product Reviews also available.

THANKS FOR STOPPING BY, and Have a Great Day!!

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