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*RULE #1: Read the seller's feedback*

If they have ever sold a fake, or if they are buying fake bags or other counterfeit items, I would stay away. Also, check out thier NEGATIVE FEEDBACK, if they have any. I also would be very careful when buying from someone with 0 feedback - sometimes you can get lucky, but sometimes you end up getting burned!


*RULE #2: Check for guarantees of authenticity*

If a seller will not stand behind the authenticity of what they are selling, THEY might not even know whether or not it's real! On the other hand, if they offer refunds for authenticity issues, you can feel better about buying.


*RULE #3: Look for lots of pictures*

A trusted seller won't be afraid to show you the inside of a bag, the date code of the bag, etc... They also won't mind if you ask for more pictures. The more pictures, the less they have to hide. You can also match the pictures from the listing to the bag they send you to make sure the bag you bought is the authentic bag they pictured in their auction!


*RULE #4: Ask for assurance*

If you aren't sure about authenticity, just ask! A good seller will be happy to explain why their item is the real deal. There are certian things that make each bag authentic, so let them tell you what those things are. If the seller can't or won't take the time to explain, you might be better off just going elsewhere. There are PLENTY of sellers peddaling fake merchandise while simply saying it is 3X guaranteed authentic. If it really is an authentic item, they should be able to back it up with an explanation. So ask!!!


*RULE #5: Consider the price*

Have you ever heard the expression, "if it's too good to be true, then it probably is"? That saying definitely applies here!  If you see a BIN for a new Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 for $50 - I would bet you $500 that it is FAKE! This bag retails for well over $500 - so why would someone sell it for $50? Most sellers that start their auction low either have a reserve, or know the bidding will bring the cost of the item much higher than what they start it for.


*RULE #6: Avoid sellers with "private" feedback*

There is something they don't want you to see! I am PROUD to sell the items I sell. I WANT you to see all of the authentic merchandise I have sold so you can feel good about buying from me. Private seller feedback is just SHADY!!


*RULE #7: Make sure you are looking at REAL pictures*

Some sellers copy pictures of real items from other sellers and other websites, only to send you a bag that you weren't actually looking at. This is also a sneaky way for a seller to sell a large quantity of fake bags while using ONE copied picture of an original. STAY AWAY - you want pictures of the bag you will be getting!!!


*RULE #9: REAL LUXURY ITEMS don't have sales...*

 They also don't have wholesalers that sell merchandise for discount prices on eBay. If a seller says they wholesale Louis Vuitton, they are LYING!!! If you see a brand new LOUIS VUITTON DENIM BAGGY PM with a BIN for $500, and they have a great story, telling you they don't want to sell it but they have to because they need the money, got it for Christmas and don't want it, need to get rid of stuff from their ex, etc... it is FAKE!! This is over $1300 with tax. Nobody in their right state of mind would purposely lose $1200!



Make sure the bag has cowhide leather, and not vinyl. It's actually easier to tell than you might think:

FAKE                                REAL


Check the label - "LOUIS VUITTON" should not have touching "TT"s and the "O"s will be nice and rounded. They should not look like zeroes "0". Unless the item is vintage, as in some cases, the first letter of the name of the country will be capitalized. The bag may be made in France, Germany, Spain, or U.S.A.

      FAKE                               REAL     


Look for symmmetry on monogrammed bags. In other words, the symbols should line up evenly and should look nice. Luxury bags cost more than cheap knockoffs because they are beautiful and perfect-looking. See the difference? 

  FAKE                                 REAL


White monogrammed multicolored bags are lined in raspberry alcantara suede while black multicolored bags are lined with mushroom-colored alcantara suede.


The majority of brown monogrammed bags are bare and brown colored inside. Very few brown monogrammed bags look different inside: Looping bags, the Manhattan bags, the Babylone, the Viva Cite bags, the Deaville, the Trouville, and a handful of others.


There should be no hanging tags or plastic bags. Also, look for OLD store bags and boxes on NEW merchandise. If the item is new, why is the bag from 8 years ago??



There are 2 types of Louis Vuitton dust bags. There is a newer cream cotton dust bag that reads, "LOUIS VUITTON" across the front, and there is a tan felt dust bag from 2003 and earlier. Real dust covers should not have rounded corners on the covered flap - they will be be squared-off.

                                                DEAD-GIVEAWAY FAKE!


Unfortunately a receipt does not mean a bag is real - some people really make fake receipts!

Invest in an LV catalogue. Although some of Louis Vuitton's Limited Edition and VIP items won't be found in the catalogues, most of their other items will. Having a catalogue can be a great reference tool.

When in doubt, you can always check eLuxury or Louis Vuitton's websites to compare pictures, descriptions, dimensions, interior, and other details.

If a bag looks to be poorly or cheaply made, it isn't a true Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton did not become a fashion icon for nothing. Their bags always look perfect.

Authenticity cards, envelopes, or tags with numbers stamped on them are GARBAGE! The only thing they can prove to you is that the person selling them is selling a fake!



Read the fine print. You never know when a shady seller might try to slip in some disclaimers about authenticity.

I personally wouldn't trust sellers who won't take PayPal or a credit card. Be weary of sellers that ONLY accept Western Union, bidpay, money orders, or money gram - would you hand over CA$H to someone you'll never know?

Make sure the listing states that the item is definitely AUTHENTIC. If it doesn't ask and save the email with their answer in it for your own protection.

Authentic locks look smooth and shiny. Fakes have a brushed look and lack luster.

If you are still not sure ask someone who knows. There are many services that provide authentication help with little to no cost. EVERYONE HATES A FAKE, and we'll be happy to help you spot them!!!


Hope this information helps you. We at HOUSE OF HAUTE COUTURE want you to enjoy your eBay experience as much as we do. Thanks for looking!

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