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You can really make the most of shopping deals and bargains by choosing to shop on specific days, times and seasons for various items......

  • When you go to the local mall you will find some of the best bargains for general merchandise on Saturday late afternoons because this is when they are clearing stock for the new sales.

  • If you are looking for manchester, linens and towels try January/February and July/August (discontinued fall and spring merchandise)

  • If you are shopping for big appliances, wait till the public and weekend holidays if you can, because this is when the stores really slash their prices. Mothers Day is also great for kitchenware and smaller appliances.

  • For books, try Thursdays/Fri  to go buy them because bookstores tend to put out their coupons/sales midweek

  • Many apparel / clothing departments start restocking on Thursday for weekend sales. So start looking on Thurs and Fri evenings. There are also lots of clearances around Jan/February and August/September,( besides the public holidays of course,) when the fashion shows are held, and back-to-school bargains are out

  • Before and, especially, after the holidays is obviously a good time for toys. But August is another promising month as summer toys, like swimming pools and playground equipment, take up a lot of space and retailers are willing to let some things go for up to 65 percent off to make way for the holiday rush.

  • You can pick up some grocery bargains on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays since most sales run from Wed => Tues and on Sundays the coupons come out in the newspaper

  • Computers and electronics also have dramatically reduced price tags after a new version is launched and also during each public holiday, particularly around Thanksgiving. Video games are also good to buy at this time if only because that's when gamemakers release the bulk of their lineup.

  • Then there's industry-wide sales for furniture in January and July. Don't miss those if you need a few big replacements around home, or if you plan on moving house and want to discard the old stuff for new.

  • For Hardware, December and during June's Father's Day specials is the best time to buy

  • For cars there are also good sales (with a bit of negotiation at times) to be made on Monday because most sales happen on weekends which is when most people have time to look. Good deals can be found in late summer/early fall, when carmakers release new models and dealers want to get rid of last year's leftovers. End of the month bargaining is also a good strategy because cardealers want their bonuses if for surpassing their monthly sales quota.

Overall, if you are short on time, try online shopping for great deals

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