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Hello fellow Ebayers, this guide will help you understand where, when and how to ship your items in the most cost effective manner

1. Package your item - Not only will great packaging help protect your product but buyers always appreciate it and will be far more likely to leave you excellent positive feedback. Also remember even if your shipping a sturdy item, such as a book, it doesn't hurt to add a pieces of paper just to show your customers that you care about the condition the product arrives in. Shipping materials can also be found almost anywhere including your own home and you can use simple newspaper buy crumpling them and pushing them between the box and your item to help protect it.

2. Weight and measure - By getting the proper weight and measurement of your item and remember to include the shipping box and package that your item will be in these calculations, you can get an excellent approximation for your shipping costs. Whenever in doubt though, do always add an addition 15% weight/ lenght to counter possible measurement errors and offset unintended costs as well.

3. Compare and shop - Take your measurements online to,, and to evaluate your best shipping choices. The general rule is if you have a generally small package the size of a shoe box if not smaller but heavy then you should ship with USPS priority mail flat rate boxes, which are fairly cheap especially for heavy items up to 70lbs and ship fast within 3 business days. If your item is not over 13oz you should also ship with USPS 1st class mail which takes only 4-5 business days to arrive within the U.S. and costs less than $3.30. If you have large items for example, measuring 16x14x24, then you should ship with Fedex or UPS. Fedex generally also does seem to have better prices than UPS and Fedex offer free tracking and takes only 4 business to arrive and they over free insurance up to $100.00. UPS is great for international shipments.

4 Special discounts - Very people know that by registering online for these merchants and printing your own shipping labels, you receive automatic discounts from these three shipping companies. They also offer different promotions every once in a while which could lead to even greater savings.

Well I hope this basic guide helps you understand a little better the shipping methods I have been using for over 10 Years and please click YES if this guide was helpful for you. Thank you and please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you may have.

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