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PLEASE READ: I am not affiliated with Coach in any way, I am just an avid collector who love their bags and want to share and  help others to be aware of the signs of a fake coach handbag.because nobody wants to be scammed and be taken advantaged.

These are just the basic ways to spot right away Coach knock offs based on the pictures posted here on ebay. I do not claim myself as an expert, but overtime as I collected and buy Coach and other designer items and through research, I have learned to spot that "red flags" just looking at the pictures and I want to share my personal experience, my opinion and observations especially to those people who are new and who cannot tell the difference between real and fake. I finally decide to write a guide about this matter because I can still see people here bidding on a clear fake items despite a lot of guides written by other sellers! And like these sellers it makes me itch to see these bidders being fooled and taken advantaged. I am also a buyer and I know how it feels having a bag you thought its Authentic and just find out it is NOT! and worse you paid a lot for that item! It is a NIGHTMARE and absolutely a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT for us who only want to carry Authentic brands. These are basic ways to spot fake Coach Handbags. PLEASE if you have seen these on the pictures posted, BEWARE AND GET AWAY from that listing!!!

NUMBER ONE: DO NOT BID ON COACH ITEMS WITH PLASTIC COVER ON ITS HANDLE because it is ABSOLUTELY A FAKE ITEM!!! Me and my friend visited China Town in New York, just so you know China town sells different brands of fake items. Their bags have plastic cover on its handles. I went to Coach outlet  and Coach factory, NOT a single bag is covered by a plastic cover. You also have to note that First Class Fake Bags does not any have plastic cover, these are the ones that are made mostly from Korea.

NUMBER TWO: TAKE NOTE OF THE SIGNATURE PATTERN, I have observed that if the Coach bag has CC pattern outside, Inside the bag has NONE of it!!! And vice-versa. So PLEASE  if you saw a bag with CC pattern outside and CC pattern inside, PLEASE BEWARE!!!  that is a red flag there! FAKE!

NUMBER THREE: PATTERN IS CC AND NOT GG, so if pattern is GG and advertised as COACH, please DO NOT BID! It is too obvious that it is FAKE.

NUMBER FOUR: TAKE NOTE OF THE SERIAL NUMBERS, If serial numbers are shown in the photo, PLEASE DO NOT BID an item with a serial numbers that goes like this NO-56473, This is absolutely fake because serial numbers consists of both letters and numbers EXAMPLE: L05K-5732 , usually it has 4-5 last digit numbers and these 4-5 digits numbers are what they called style number, MOST STYLE NUMBERS DOES NOT HAVE ANY LETTERS WITH IT BUT SOME THEY DO HAVE A SINGLE LETTER WITH IT! Please ONLY single letter! I have not yet seen EVER! a style number with two letters or DO NOT BID if serial numberes are like this,  LOK  -5732 , like theres a space in between because this is also ABSOLUTELY FAKE!,  or just 5647 that is surely a fake! serial number start with No.

*THE TECHNIQUE HERE, WHICH IS THE BEST THING TO DO IF SERIAL NUMBERS EXISTS IS TO GET THAT SERIAL NUMBER OF A CERTAIN COACH BAG, COPY IT, CALL THE COACH HOTLINE AND ASK ABOUT THAT ITEM, GIVE THE STYLE NUMBER WHICH IS THE 4-5 LAST DIGITS OF THE SERIAL NUMBER, ask the name of that item, and its description to see  if it corresponds to what is written in the sellers description. It is BEST to ask the serial numbers if it is not stated in the auction or if theres an authenticity patch  taken but you cannot see clearly the serial number because it is not pictured closely or blurred.

NUMBER FIVE: LOOK CLOSELY THE PICTURE, If it looks soft epecially the handle, and the bag itself then BEWARE better get away from that item especially if seller only shows ONE PHOTO or if there are photos and its blurry. It is not worth the risk! Also take note the color of the bag because for some reason the color of the fake coach bags are exaggerated, and sometimes they come up with colors that should not be there. Like one instance, I got interested to a new without tags and a very nice coach ergo scarf print bag auctioned here on eBay, it has this pink color combination with it, really rare but she only have one picture and so I ask for the serial numbers and she give it to me, and because there's only one picture and its uncommon for an ergo scarf print to have a pink combination so what I did, I called the COACH hotline and was able to find out that pink combination does not exist with that style number she gave me.There is a pink combination but different style number. So it is absolutely a best idea to ask.

NUMBER SIX: COMPARE, I almost got fooled by a seller who sell Coach Patchwork Satchel, She had 4 of them listed on her auction, And I got curious because  she posted unusual large numbers of the same exact bag ( Beware of these kind of listings) and these bags really looked Authentic, no plastic cover and it does not look soft, it is probably made in Korea because they made the best class AAA replicas!  I  have doubts because there are only two photos, serial numbers are not shown and pictures are in small size just enough to see the whole bag and they cannot be enlarge, so you cannot really see every detail but I manage to compare the item to other sellers who also sell the same bag AND manage to looked closely the difference, and I saw that the bag of this seller that sell unusual large numbers of the same exact bag has a Coach stamped on the metal brass turnlock while other sellers who sell the Authentic Patchwork Satchel doesn't have that so I know  right away it is fake! It is really very important to compare especially if you are not sure and you have a single doubt. Update: Because I just saw people bidding on a fake Coach Patchwork Satchel just now. I decided to place a photo here so you will know which is fake and which is not.



AUTHENTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                      BIG FAKEEEEEEEE (ENLARGEMENT)                                     FAKES ORIGINAL LISTING 

PLEASE READ: The brass hardware of the authentic one, NO COACH embossed on it!!! while the fake one even though its blurred beacause I enlarge it since the orginal picture you hardly notice it (thats why so many people getting fooled) you can notice that something is being embossed there which is "COACH" and this is absolutely FAKE!!!! so please "COMPARE"...see the fake one. seller even present these paperworks, dustbag and some tag which is not pictured closely and color too is different from the authentic one. If you want to know the item number of this listing just ask me and I will give it to you so you can see closely the pictures in original listing, As I am writing this, the bid already goes high over $200 and shipping is FREE and seller who list this is a Powerseller. SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NUMBER SEVEN: Coach made their products from different countries such as Costa Rica, Turkey, China etc... EXCEPT KOREA! So if it says made in Korea, Forget about it, It is FAKE!

NUMBER EIGHT: All zippers of Authentic Coach handbags has a "YKK" letters embossed on it! All zippers that you can find in a coach bag should have those letters embossed, these are hard to see on a  photo so you have to really look at it closely. If a coach bag does not have that then you know its a FAKE! Just so you know this YKK is the highest manufacturer of zippers.

NUMBER NINE: COACH PAPERWORK HELPS BUT DON'T RELY AUTHENTICITY ON IT! I have ask a coach representative about an item that is Made in Korea, Well, this is what happend, I bought this bag one time from ebay, it is a small hobo bag with fur on it, it is advertised as New Without Tags, It really looks Authentic even when I touch it outside, you can't tell its a fake. The serial numbers are there exactly like the Coach bag and says there Made in China, and it is even complete with all these paperworks, it even has registration card with it! YKK embossed on zippers as well! One time I touched the inside lining of the bag and it felt like it is made of a thinner material, really a little different from an authentic coah hanbag, I look the stitches at the bottom lining and I saw that the way the bottom part was stitched together, it was stitched upside out, so you can still see the lining after the stitches AND worse, I saw this small tag like in coach wristlets which I hardly noticed and written there is Made in Korea!!!! Of course I was frantic and  so disappointed, But good thing is I paid the item through paypal. So I was able to get my moneyback!!!

NUMBER TEN: Familiarize yourself with Coach items by visiting their stores and through research on the net. There are so many ways where you can broaden your knowledge on how to spot  fake coach items. Why don't you sign up for coach catalogues for reference, IT IS FREE! And I am sure would help a lot! Just simply visit their website and order there.

 I know it is not a best feeling to be scammed and  waste a lot of money for these worthless fake items! So I really hope my guide helps you and  Please If you find this HELPFUL please click the YES botton below,  the more people that select the "YES" button for this guide being helpful, the higher up on the 'Guide List' it gets, thus getting more exposure for eBayers to read and learn. It is my goal to avoid Coach lovers being taken advantage by dishones sellers. Do you think that is possible? Perhaps not, but the more people I educate about this, the more aware they become, and the less sellers are apt to try and rip people off with their fake Coach handbags.

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