TCA Peel TCA Complex User Guide

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TCA Peel TCA Complex User Guide
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TCA Complex-First time USERS: You should always trial/test on chin to see how fast y our peeling occurs. Stubborn skin or Very damaged skin may require additional swipes but you will wait until the 3rd application several weeks from this first treatment to determine if your skin requires additional treatment. Never mix other products of any type while doing this treatment. Do not moisturize skin as this WILL slow down the peel.

You must stop all products 2 weeks prior to using this or any PC products.

Application Prep for TCA Complex: Make sure you are makeup and debris free. Wait an hour or longer after washing to do a treatment or trial. This creates a natural layer of oil which acts as a buffer and is crucial to the automatic shut down process. Washing your face and immediately applying TCA Complex can result in overdrying and discomfort. You need a paper towel (kitchen type, no specific brand) A wet wash cloth on standby in case of spill .Cotton and tissues contain softeners that can effect the strength of your product. Kitchen towels are strong and folded twice protect fingertips and remove any need to wear gloves. This product requires no neutralizer. Your skin has enough ph to shut the peel down when it is finished. IF you would like to keep a wet cold wash cloth nearby you may do so. If for any reason you experience stinging that is unbearable (this would only occur if you did not stop using glycolics or skin Rx bleach, hair removal, acne meds, etc)

Application of TCA Complex: Using dropper apply 4- to 8 droppers full, not droplets ( note: It only draws up halfway) to the center of a folded paper towel (don't use kleenex or toilet paper.) You want to see the paper towel wet but not have anything dripping. You will feel the wetness on your skin. You won't see your face wet. Starting with forehead swipe accross and then apply in downward swipes to nasal fold areas. Swipe over chin and upper lip avoiding nostrils. Avoid under eyes and eye lids and eye brows and hair line. Last spot is your nose. Press towel into the ball of your nose tip and hold for a count of 10. This is the most oily area. Avoid the bridge of nose as the skin is very thin and usually has no reason to peel.

You are finished done your application. Now you wait for the skin to slough. You can wear makeup. You should use makeup remover. Try to avoid facial cleanser as this proves to overdry pre-peeling skin by removing all of your natural oil. Avoid sun and sunblock (moisturizes). On day 2 you might experience some tight skin feeling. By day three you might see areas lifting. If you take very long hot showers you might miss a great deal of the slough as hot water and steam tends to expedite the peel. You may begin doing warm wet compressing on day 3 to encourage the skin to lift. Tender areas or areas that do not roll off easily you must leave alone. Don't pull or pick and never use a tweezer! Relax. This process takes time and you are going to get better at timing your application and peel and knowing which areas need a little 'tca complex push and hold' and what areas to avoid. You will wait 7days before doing another TCA COMPLEX swipe or using Latte. Wait 10 days before using any APEEL products.

On day 3 if you experience nothing. No tightness. No dryness. Not a single symptom of the application then you may repeat the exact applicatin again.

Using warm compresses will help skin begin to slough. Do not pick or pull at skin. Warm showers will help too! If you do not see a significant peel occur or start to show through then you can wait for 5 days and then repeat the process exactly the same way. Usually TCA Complex works each and every time and it is due to sweat (which secretes excess oil, thus hydrating the peel) or other outside sources. You do not need to increase your second application and its very likely that you will get more peeling since there are sub layers that were previously abraded but did not peel. Always side with caution and use the least amount of solution as you can. You do not get a better result by using more TCA Complex nor do you get a better result by doing a second peel sooner than advised. The time in between your peels is as crucial as the peeling itself because the result is 2-fold. You remove micron layers of skin PLUS your skins natural occuring dna secretions are excellerated. These are sticky collagen bands that your skin needs to look smooth and tight. If you do a second peel too soon your skin will begin a process of recovery where all of that good dna is used up and metabolised in order to heal the new layers that you burned off too soon.

3 days after a standard application if you experience alot of peeling then you should wait up to 10 days before doing another application. Always do the same treatment amount each time until your skin starts to show less peeling which means it is acclimating (getting adjusted) the these treatments. Then and only then should you increase your amount and/or swiping time. Most people peel with a fast swipe to effected areas. Sundamaged skin will require a few more direct swipes. Oily skin is always slow to peel. You may add swipes to your regime onto the oily areas in order to keep the peel from being rehydrated by excess oil secretion. Use your best judgement and go very slow.

The best application method I suggest is to swipe lightly and wait 3 days. If you follow this fast rule you will never have an application delema. Over using this product will cause extreme dryness and discomfort. If you experience this please purchase Neosporin ointment and apply 5-10 times per day with intermitten cool compressing. Always reapply Neosporin after each compress. This will quickly heal your skin and the peel should proceed. This is not a recommended method of application. Wait 2 weeks after any mishap and resume applying 1 light swipe every 3 days.

TCA Complex applications: Make sure you see saturation of the towel. NOT DRIPPING. You want to feel the wetness, not SEE it. Continually swipe for the first minute onto areas that are the most oily. Continue with the rest of your face avoiding eyes, nostrils, hairline. You may do this up to 4 minutes. Apply more solution if needed. Some areas may require actually holding the towelette ,wet with TCA COMPLEX directly onto effected areas that need rapid resurfacing. This includes older scars, melasmas, deep pores, oily areas, lines, and especially sundamage. These areas I usually start with first and then do the full face and then go back to the hard spots for a push and hold. I also have put small dots of TCA LATTE onto them to insure a very deep peel (recommended that you do not do this until you are at #4 or #5 treatment because this is only recommended if you see that your problem spots need alot more treatment while the rest of your face is looking pretty fantastic! The nose (top) usually requires a 30 second complex-compress. Do not use other peels,,waxings or facials!!!If you opt to use this product more aggressively, you do so at your own risk. FACE ONLY No body parts other then face!

Do not use any peels on your neck, chest or body parts. Do not use TCA Complex on your neck or body parts. There is no exception to this. If you have pigment issues on your body it is best to consult with a plastic surgeon regarding Laser treatments. Do not use TCA on stretch marks or tatoos.


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