Staying COOL and Hydrated This Summer Season!

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Staying COOL and Hydrated This Summer Season!
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Summer is definitely Here!

 You probably didn't know that more Americans die every year in the Summer Heat then winter-time blues.  The facts are that most of these deaths can be prevented and are directly related to dehydration.

Signs & Symptoms of Dehydration are as follows:

1. Dry Lips and Tongue
2. Headache
3. Weakness, dizziness, or extreme fatigue
4. Concentrated urine that appears darker than normal
5. Muscle Cramps
6. Nausea

Some additional Hot Weather Tips:

1.  Always take a break in the shade.
2.  It's important to remember that anytime a person who has been exposed to heat becomes      disoriented   or unconscious, seek immediate medical attention.
3.  Always wear light colored and loose fitting clothing.
4.  While pouring water over your head might feel good at the moment; it really does not have any lasting affect on your core body temperature, so make sure you drink plenty of water or other re-hydrating fluids into your body.


1.  Always take your allergy medications as prescribed by your doctor in the recommended dosage.
2.  For Exercise, try walking in the local shopping mall versus walking outside in the park or on hiking trails. 
     It is also much cooler than an outside stroll.
3.  In the evenings, keep your windows closed to prevent pollen from entering your house.
4.  When indoors, use your air conditioner and a dehumidifier to keep the air cooler and cleaner.
5.  If you are coming in from the outdoors, immediately take a shower to remove any pollen and mold that
     you have picked up on your clothes and hair.
6.  When traveling in your car, keep the windows closed.
7.  If you need to mow your grass, wear a face make to protect against inhaling extra pollen.
8.  When Outdoors, avoid grassy areas, especially those which are freshly cut.
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