Starting every auction at .99 cents?

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Starting every auction at .99 cents?
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  • This will be a short & sweet guide, right to the point, at this point of writing this guide, I have achieved Powerseller status and have almost 500 transactions with 100% feedback rating

  • Now the question at hand is "Should I start all of my auctions at .99 cents?" and my answer is no and yes, let me explain.........

  • Only start an auction at .99 after doing your research on what items like yours typically sold for (make sure you pay attend to other elements too like was it a 10 day auction allowing for more people to see it and bid, what time of day did the auction end and on what day did it end, was it a featured item, etc.) If you item is one of the hottest items on Ebay, by all means list at .99 cents, Ebay buyers are savvy buyers and know what a hot item is worth, so that was the yes, but now we get to the no

  • Do not list your item for .99 cents if it is not a hot seller or very popular item on Ebay. For instance if you have a very nice womens size 6 petite pink skirt suit by Liz Claiborne, even though Liz Claiborne is a wonderful designer name brand and world renowned, this is a very specific item, what I mean is this, now your only targeted to a female audience, one who only wears a size 6 petite, likes the color pink and likes skirt suits, so as you can see the bidding field greatly as opposed to if you were selling an Ipod, its universal it appeals to everybody, young & old, male & female etc. and its a super hot item on Ebay

  • So for items like Ipods, authentic designer handbags, etc., by all means start your auctions at .99 cents (but make sure the ending date is not on a holiday or ending super late at night, the whole point for starting the auction at .99 cents is to encourage bidding and when you listing is ending you want a bidding war to take place for your item)

  • But for items that are not as universal or less popular ask for the price you want, at all times. I've had suits that I started at a price of $14.99, but when the auction was over the item had been bid up to $30 or $40 dollars. So as you see with this plan sometimes it will turn out much better than you thought, but at no time will you be disappointed because a suit you paid $8 for only sold for .99 cents, always remember Ebay is a business and you cannot afford to lose money, ever!

  • So quick overview, hot items, universals items (that appeal to people from all walks of life), do research to see what the item has sold for in the past and if your comfortable with that price ~ List you item at .99 cents (remember timing and ending dates etc.)

  • If your item is not a real hot seller ask for the price you want and who knows you may even get more than you were asking for (which is every sellers hope), but even if you only get one bid, you still get your asking price,  make a profit and don't loose money, which is always key.  Speaking of the asking price, don't be afraid to price your item accordingly, what I mean is if you bought something for $10, by all means start the bidding at no less than $24.99 (why $24.99 and not $25 dollars, because Ebay insertion fees almost double, insertion fee for $24.99 is .55 cents and for $25 is $1.00, Wow! another .45 cents just for pricing your item 1 penny more, as I stated earlier, do you research, and save money wherever you can)

  • I hope this guide has been helpful, Ebay is a wonderful place to sell and you can really make a lot of money if you commit yourself and work hard. Good luck!

  • If you have found this guide helpful, please vote below, Thanks for reading my guide!

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