Staples SPL-230 Basic Calculator

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I use a Staples SPL-230 calculator to do simple calculations. I could not be happier with this calculator. The calculator has a little solar panel and I have not had to replace the battery in 4 years. The Staples SPL-230 calculator is an 8 digit calculator that performs simple math functions, has a square root key and of course a memory key. 

In November 2009, there was an accident and the calculator was drenched by a soda. After the Staples SPL-230 dried, it still worked, but the 4 key had to be pressed very hard to work, ending the ability to do some quick calculations. In the trash it went. A day later, out of the trash it came. I washed the calculator off in the kitchen sink. It did not work. I shook it hard and water came flying out of it. Now I could get some numbers in the display. Later I tested the calculator again and it did not work. I shook some more water out of it. You could see water droplets in the 8 digit display but it worked again. I let it dry for a couple of days and now the calculator works fine.

The Staples SPL-230 calculator has a large key panel and the numbers in the 8 digit display are large. The Staples SPL-230 calculator is simply a great little calculator to have around to do some simple calculations.
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