Standing Liberty Quarters - Value of the Silver

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Standing Liberty Quarters - Value of the Silver
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Standing Liberty Quarters minted between 1916 and 1930 are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper.  These coins have an intrinsic value separate and apart from their value to coin collectors.  Some coin dealers refer to this calculation as the "melt value."  In this article, we will help you compute the melt value of your silver coins on any given day!  While you can add on additional value for the copper content, we will not include that piece in our evaluation.

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Base Metal Composition

These coins have a standard weight of 6.25 grams. Again, they are composed of 90% silver and 10% copper.  Again, it is the intrinsic value of silver that we focus on in this article.

Conversion of Grams To Ounces

The conversion factor for grams to ounces is:


Silver Value Calculation

Silver is a commodity that fluctuates in price on a daily basis. The price of silver is a variable that must be checked before running the following calculation. Assuming that the daily price of silver is $20 per ounce, we do the following computation:

($20.00/troy ounce *  .0321507466 (conversion factor) * 6.25 (grams per coin) * .90 (percentage of coin composed of silver) = $3.62 per coin.

Simplified Pricing Chart

Price/Troy Ounce Value

            $25/oz ----->  $4.52
            $24/oz----->   $4.34
            $23/oz ----->  $4.16
            $22/oz ----->  $3.98
            $21/oz ----->  $3.80
            $20/oz ----->  $3.62
            $19/oz ----->  $3.44
            $18/oz ----->  $3.26
            $17/oz ----->  $3.07
            $16/oz ----->  $2.89
            $15/oz ----->  $2.71
            $14/oz ----->  $2.53
            $13/oz ----->  $2.35
            $12/oz ----->  $2.17
            $11/oz ----->  $1.99
            $10/oz ----->  $1.81

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