Spot fake Nike Air Force 1 Invisible Woman Shoes w/pics

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Spot fake Nike Air Force 1 Invisible Woman Shoes w/pics
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Most of the air force 1's on ebay is fake so buyers beware.  This is how to spot the MEN'S  invisible woman. 

It is rumored that Nike made only 1000 pairs of these, but now the heat. 


-there is only one colorway for men for this shoe.  Blue and clear.  There is no orange, green, all clear, yellow, etc.   *except the ones made for women which are purple

-To easily tell if they fake if the stiching is blue on the toe side of the shoe (clear part).

-Style/SKU # is 313641 Color # is 941(should be located on box and on shoe tag)

-Production date is 01/??/06-04/??/06 date varies but should be around the same month

-On the box color style should be in this format                  xxxx/xxx  not      xxx / xxx (no spaces between the color and backslash.

- Shoes were Made in China   

-comes with silver tag saying Premium (made in Taiwan)

- first line of the color style should be-  CLEAR/HRBR BLUE-MLTRY BLUE-WHT and NOT something like "clear/invisible and light blue"

- If you can, you should use PAYPAL(mostly on expensive shoes), you will be able to receive your money back if found fake.

-Finally if none of the tips I have gave you worked go to people there can easily identify fakes if you post the pics.  Also feel free to contact me on aim=bball2203431 and ill tell u if the shoes are fake or real.

Hope these tips help.  


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