Spot Fake Casio G-Shock Watches

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     So you've been thinking about purchasing a new Casio G-Shock or Baby-G watch and you've turned to Ebay.  However, you don't want to be taken by bad sellers who ship you knockoff watches that contain batteries that don't last, lack the true functionality of a Casio product, nor are actually built to withstand the forces like a real Casio G-Shock.  Well, it is largely extremely easy to spot these fakes and in this guide I'll teach you how regardless of how much, or little you really know about these watches.  Once you spend a few minutes reading this guide you'll be ready to go on your way and find the perfect Casio G-Shock, or Baby-G of your choice.  Promise.
     First, just because a watch says "G-SHOCK" on it doesn't mean that it truly is.  Casio Computer Company retains the trademark of the G-Shock, so they're the ONLY company that can tag a watch as a "G-SHOCK."  Secondly, the Casio name can be spotted on most models in the top-center of the dial.  Occasionally, especially with collaboration watches like LRG you won't see the Casio logo, but this is the exception... stay true to the rule.  If you'd like to compare what a seller claims to be selling to an authentic counterpart simply go to, and after choosing your region you'll be able to search for a watch based on the style number which any REPUTABLE Casio retailer will provide.  This style number, also known as a model number will begin with a letter, or letters and will look like these examples:


     If you're unable to find the watch by searching on Casio's website, that doesn't mean it's fake.  First try re-entering the style but omitting the hyphen at the end and any numbers.  An example of doing this will be:


     If you're still unable to locate the watch on their website then that is a bad sign.  However, there STILL could be a possibility that this piece is real, for example it could be a new, or supplemental release and maybe Casio hasn't had time to update the site.  Also, there is a possibility it is an extremely limited-release collaboration.  For example, I could order a Casio made to order, order 500 pieces for my employees and that'd be all that would be made.  However, someone who has a watch that is 1 of 500 would likely NEVER sell such a limited collector's item for just $20.00, right?  If it's too good to be true it usually is.
     Next, as a Casio Authorized Retailer I can tell you firsthand that the price I pay is the same price that a dealer in a state 3000 miles away pays.  Since we all pay the same thing for our watches there should never be more than a difference of HALF of the MSRP.  This means that if you see a Casio G-Shock that retails for $100 and a dealer has it for $20.00 it's probably not authentic... why would he want to take a loss on the item?  He can't be making money on a $20.00 sale of a new Casio watch because keep in mind he must also pay fees to Ebay for both insertion, and final value sale, then he must pay fees to Paypal to process your payment.  Thus he's really getting several dollars less than the $20.00 you paid for the watch.  Remember will not only confirm the item is authentic, but it'll give you the MSRP of the item so you can compare.
     Ignore statuses such as Top-Rated Seller when making a purchase.  I say this even though I am in-fact a Top-Rated Seller as of the date I am writing this (11/21/09).  I say this because just moments ago I finished browsing listings and found several "G-SHOCKS" that were being offered for sale by Top-Rated Sellers.  These watches were made by "G-SPORT" and not Casio.  Thus, they're just cheap knockoffs being sold to unwitting customers.
     Compare the image you see of the watch with images that can be found on by going to and clicking "IMAGES" in the top-left corner.  Then type in the model number being offered.  Now you will see the occasional watch that doesn't match... but most of the first couple pages should match identically.  If they don't, then it's a fake.  Furthermore, if you're purchasing a new Casio G-Shock from an authorized retailer like myself or one of the many other reliable and honest G-Shock retailers on Ebay you'll get a box, instruction manual and booklet including the 1-year Casio warranty.  Most watches will have tags on them, but please be aware that I receive watches regularly that for some strange reason include no price tag, but they ALWAYS have a booklet, and box.  If you receive one without a booklet and box, I would be concerned.
     Okay, well what's the big deal with buying a fake G-Shock anyway, right?  Well, consider that the only reason you're wanting one is one of three things:

1.  You want the look.
2.  You want the functionality/reliability.
3.  You want to collect the piece.

     Now based on any of those three things ask yourself a question.  Could some factory in China that operates on a shoestring budget and sells these knockoffs possibly produce a watch that looks, performs, or is worthy of being added to your collection for a cost of no more than $4?  The answer is obviously no.  The technology and durability of G-Shock by Casio is known around the world and is used by militaries in nations all over the globe.  This investment in timekeeping and functionality costs money, shipping the watches from Japan to the USA, then ultimately from the USA to their retailer in the USA costs more than $4 per watch.  Marketing costs money, so does research, development, etc, etc.  In other words, it is impossible for a $20 G-Shock to exist.
     If you ever doubt that what you're viewing is real, simply send a message to me, or another retailer and consult with us.  I think I can speak for reliable and honest Casio Authorized Retailers all over Ebay when I say that we welcome questions about watches because it is our business, and we want you to be completely satisfied.


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