Sony Playstation 3 VS Microsoft Xbox 360???

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- After plenty of gameplay the console is cool -- or at worst warm -- to the touch on every surface. In a side by side test with the Xbox 360, the console is comparably virtually silent, and the Blu-ray drive is significantly quieter than the 360's DVD drive.

- USB keyboards and mice will be plug-n-play, no fuss at all. Who really wants to browse the web with a PlayStation controller anyway?

- Bluetooth mice and keyboards will not work with the system at launch.

- Any (A2DP) Bluetooth headset should theoretically work with the system, though Sony will have a recommended hardware list.

- The EyeToy is the only USB webcam that will work with the system. The original PS2 EyeToy still work with the PS3.

- The system will not support more than seven controllers.

- There are currently no plans for a cheaper, wired version of the SIXAXIS.

- With its media playback software one can have in-game custom soundtracks, as with the Xbox 360, Wii, etc.

- Some titles have an option to install some amount of game data (in addition to saved data) to the drive. Genji can install 4GB worth of data to decrease load times (quoted to drop from 12-15 seconds down to 3-4); this game data can be removed at any time without affecting your saved games.

- The drive can be upgraded, although not on any official basis (read: YMMV, do so at your own risk, you may void warranty, etc.).

- You cannot leave voice or picture messages for other users on the PlayStation Network, only text


- There are more than 250 games available today on Xbox 360, including 71 Xbox LIVE Arcade games.

- Xbox 360 is the next-gen console with the largest games attach rate at an astounding 5.9 games sold per Xbox 360 owner.

- Since November, 65 percent of all next-generation third-party console games sold were Xbox 360 games,

- According to NPD data, since November, Xbox 360 3rd party titles have cracked the top ten overall best selling games list 16 times. Over the same period, not a single third party title for the Wii or the PS3 made the top ten overall list.

- Xbox LIVE members have spent more than 2.9 billion hours playing games on Xbox LIVE with their friends around the world. That is equal to 121 million days or more than 332,000 years of gaming.

- To date, Xbox 360 owners have unlocked more than 466 million Achievements. All of those unlocked Achievements have created a total combined Gamerscore of more than 11 billion.

- There have been 2 billion game sessions hosted since the launch of Xbox 360, with more than 4.3 million hosted each day.

- More than 45 million Xbox LIVE Arcade games have been downloaded since launch; everything from the arcade games of our youth to the best in new, original titles.

- Xbox LIVE Arcade has been a huge hit on Xbox 360, with nearly 70% of all connected consoles downloading and playing Xbox LIVE Arcade titles.

- Xbox LIVE Marketplace currently offers nearly 190 free trials and demos, giving owners more free playable content than any other console.



Those are the hard facts and I have to say, with the Xbox being at a current 95% fail rate with the RROD and the PS3 at a mere 8%, you having to pay for internet play on xbox and the ps3 being free, the FREE blu-ray player, and the ability to go online with a keyboard and mouse through the ps3 is amazing. Now I own both so don't think I'm a fanboy of either. So here is the other side! Xbox has online games you can buy, playback features which ps3 got rid of on their 60 and 40GB systems, and they have more family games than ps3 will probably put out in it's entire future. A truly impressive vote....BUT I am going to have to go with the PS3 because of the rate of money which you save over time ESPECIALLY if you go online like I do to play games with people across the world. And the blu-ray player to boot ain't bad either.



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