Sony MDR V150 Headphones DJ Style Dynamic Closed

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Sony MDR V150 headphones

Headphones - dynamic, closed, 16Hz - 22kHz, 98dB sensitivity



· Clear sound quality

· Ideal for use with portable audio sources

· Deeper bass

· Lower distortion and wider dynamic range

· Price

· OFC cable

· Gold plated plug

· Long cord that enable you to put the mp3/CD player in any pocket

· Keep ears warm



· No padding on headband

· Very poor construction

· Cheap plastic

· Start to hurt the ear after 10 min especially when they are new

No more available on SONY official stores


The Sony MDR-V150 is a supra-aural headphone designed for excellent listening comfort and features 30mm diameter drivers for deep bass. Ferrite magnets are utilized for high energy and to produce ample sound output.

What happens when we both want to watch something at the same time, in the same room?
Well that's why there exists Sony MDR V150 headphones.

I do mainly use mine while streaming sports on my laptop, or watching a film featuring some brutish actor with limited vocabulary using guns and martial arts to outwit the 'bad guy'...don't judge me lol. In addition to this though I do occasionally use them to listen to music, so I feel I am able to offer a balanced opinion on the sound quality.

Supra-aural closed-back stereo headphone ideal for use with portable audio sources such as MP3 or CD players.

You will notice when using these that the sound quality is crisp and clear, with good levels of bass and treble. They provide a balanced sound even when turned up loud. To say I have an eclectic taste in music would be an understatement, but these headphones provide a great experience, listening to all genres, something that can't be said of many headphones in this price bracket! They are equally adept at providing the required audio atmosphere when watching films, be it action, horror... or whatever else may take your fancy.

In terms of build quality they are really decent.

The only real downside in terms of design is that there is no padding on the 'headband' and as they are made of plastic although there is wide molded headband, this can become quite uncomfortable after prolonged use. In terms of how they feel on the ears, the padding is sufficient and I find them to be comfortable with continued use of 1 to 2 hours.

You will have realized from what I've written so far that I use these indoor, this is primarily as I prefer in-ear earphones if I'm on the move. However, even if I did want to use these outdoors I probably wouldn't as the cable length is 2 metres and it's like a twin wire (I don't know the correct term so apologies). As a result I wouldn't recommend them for use on the go, but I guess that part is down to personal preference really.

One of the features of these headphones is the reversible ear cups are included for single-sided monitoring, supposedly for DJ monitoring. For those that don't know, this basically means the ear-cups can swivel so you can lay one ear-cup flat against your ear listening to the music, whilst also listening to what's going on around you. Now, I'm no DJ so I'm probably not best placed to comment, but my personal opinion would be that these are a little flimsy for that purpose and I suspect regular use like this would lead to the ear-cup breaking off.

Packaging wise they came in the standard plastic blister packaging, but the Sony branding did make them stand out on the shelf. Included in the packaging is a 6.3 mm (1/4") stereo adapter. My TV has a 6.3mm jack whereas my laptop has a 3.5mm jack... therefore I think this is a very welcome addition as it meant I didn't have to buy one separately.

Good for someone just wanting to listen to their music or watch TV

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