Soccer Cleats and the Abbreviations

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Soccer Cleats and the Abbreviations
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Every year we sell thousands of soccer cleats and we always get the same question over and over again.  What does SG, FG, HG, Turf stand for and what should my son/daughter use.

SG: Soft Ground- Cleats with metal spikes generally not allowed in leagues under highschool.  This is the longest spike that is offered by any manufacturer.  We do not recommend these to any children because the conditions of most rec league fields and the fact they could injure themselves or their competition.

FG: Firm Ground- Cleats that have a molded rubber bottom and are designed for everyday conditions in most areas.  These shoes are allowed in every league and start at $19.99 and can be priced as high as $199 (Mercurial Vapor as an example).  Good traction even on wet fields

HG: Hard Ground-  Slightly smaller molded cleats then the FG and are designed for areas that have hard packed soil.  Cleats are generally less than 1/2".

Turf:  Molded cleats that are small and compact on the sole of the shoe.  Turf shoes are not ideal on wet fields but are fine if you are looking for a shoe for multiple sports for a younger child.  This is a good option for children who have feet and knee problems, because it does not put extra pressure on just a few spots on the feet.

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