Size Chart For Build A Bear Clothes Shoes & Accessories

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Teddy Town Bears

Check Out Our Shop for great quality items that fit Build A Bear, Bear Factory and Design-A-Bear by Argos

This guide is here to help you through the buying process of our items, provide essential measurements and brand names as well as well as industry standards.

When buying clothes for your bears on Ebay, the makers of bear clothes, shoes and accessories that we sell are......

The Bear MIll

Teddy Mountain

Teddy Zoo

All these makers of bear clothes, shoes and accessories are compatible with most 15 inch to 18 inch bears which are the most popular size bear for the Build A Bear Workshop and the blue label Bear Factory bears. 

The items we sell are just as good a quality as the Build A Bear Workshop but much cheaper.

build A Bear base their prices and thus their profits on repeat business, which is why the clothes shoes and accessories are priced so high. Not only have you spent around £10 to £15 plus for a bear you then have to pay around another £10 for an outfit and Build a Bear realise children will not only want the bear but the clothes and accessories too. 

We aim to reduce this cost but provide hugh quality items that are all CE approved, that fit the Build A Bear brand and fit in our ever reducing income.

We currently stock around 150 different items but this will soon grow to over 200 as new items are added.

We are also in talks with different manufactures to get our own brand established that will be UK based as most bear clothing is made for the US market, lovely as it is, this is not offering British/European fashion/lifestyle. By offering our designs this can only get better.

This guide has been designed to not only help our customers but to help us understand what it is our customers want. We need as much input from our valued customers as possible while we design and create new and unique bears wear.

Please Help Us by sending your fashion ideas or pictures.

Size Chart

Most Of Our Tops Measure

Length 5" from the neck to the bottom
Waist 8" Wide
Neck Opening 4" Flat

Most Of Our Trousers And Skirts Measure

Length 6" from waist to bottom leg
Waist 5 1/2" wide and most are elastic so stretch
Inside leg to the bottom of the leg 3" long

Most Of Our Slippers Trainers Shoes Measure

Length 4" x 3" Wide 

With the help of this size chart  Check Out Our Shop for great clothes that fit Build A Bear and many more 15" bears and dolls
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