Sissy Panty Boys, They are NOT all Gay.

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Lately we have been running accross alot of people on ebay who accuse men who buy our undies of being gay. This is actually far from the truth. It is TRUE that it is a fetish , But lots of things are fetishes. according to sigmund freud, even enjoying the taste of chocolate is a fetish. We all have them, in some form or another.

Personally as for me and my friends, we like Sissy boys. This is not the "old" days and we realize that lots of people are stuck in those days. This is a new generation of people. Me and my friends enjoy the panty boys. if the worse thing they do is wear womens panties, so be it. They could do alot worse.

I think females generally dont mind, men wearing panties or womens clothing etc. As women, we all know a man that is gay or two, or a crossdresser. I quess its our nurturing side of us that motherly side that says, wear whats comfortable, we might not agree with it, but we generally dont care.

I know many panty boys, and not one I know is Gay. So we kinda take offense at people telling us they are all gay. We know many that are good fathers. Good husbands etc. Who cares what people wear underneath. Yea we're venting.

To our panty boy customers, WE LOVE YA.

Now your thinking ok, why isnt this in the blog section and why is this in the guide section. well Cause blogs are for just talking and rambling, guides are for teaching. What Im doing is teaching, by telling you that panty boys are good people too. They cant be judged for what they wear underneath. Does it make him any less a man? No. To a woman that makes him more understanding of what we go thru.

My generation of girls just dont care. (Im 22) The point of all this is Panty boys are not ALL gay, They are NOT all Crossdressers.  Though I would agree that there is a fine line between wearing panties and crossdressing.

As for me and my friends and most girls of my generation / age group. We like men who are, kinda fem. We are sooo not a macho man loving generation. We avoid the sports boys. We'd rather find a man who would cry at a good movie than a man that makes us sit and watch a game. Ok see now I should be blogging im rambling now. HAHA

Lets just all get along.

Womens panties come in lots of styles and fabric choices. Lacey and not lacey, smooth and then plain cotton.

Boys - You should choose what feels good to you. BUT, keep in mind you cant "MAN-HANDLE" womens panties. The Satin, Nylon, Mesh kind can tear easy. You have to treat womens Panties with a delicate hand. We also suggest you DONT wash any of the undies we sell in the washing machine. Wash them in the sink. With woolite. WE DONT sell Dollar store panties, these are high quality lingerie items we sell, from our own lingerie store. 99% of women take great pride in their panties, you should too, we take great pride in picking them out, you should too. Only the best should go you know where. So please DONT man handle them. Take your time and put them on easy. Like a woman, and you will find they will last you much longer.

Pay Close attention to lace. Some brands can itch. Also the more lace the less supportive it will be for you men. Lace around the waist can also be less supportive.  Lace looks better yes, But is not supportive and can ride up the worng places or fall down the wrong places.

Also Polyester We feel is smoother than nylon and softer, yet you guys seem to never buy that kind. Its also tougher for your man hands to put on. Look for a panty that has some polyester in it. There is a reason the polyester panties of the 60's are still around, Its actually a tough fabric. to be so silky.

You dont have to buy your panties from us, though we hope you do. Just remember these tips we have given ya.

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Yulya, Elena, Kristina, Skye, Laura, Viktoria, Amelie, Lisa & Elizabeth (All Genetic "REAL" Females)

    Who love panties ;) LOL & Boys

If there is anything else we can get for you guys that you would love to see listed, please let us know.

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