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In my shopping & searching forays, I have lately been noticing certain sellers offering "designer" clothing items that do not have any cloth labels..This is red flag territory as anyone can state a designer name and you the buyer have no way of knowing if the item you are purchasing is the "real deal"..As we doyens of designer know, many designer items look somewhat like their pedestrian lower end cousins..and herein is the rub..If a seller cannot show a photo of the cloth label of the designer they are claiming to should be "no deal"...Please don't tell me the label fell off at the dry cleaners ok???..or that the "consignor" of the item swears it's authentic Jean Paul Gaultier, the label just "fell" off....just because something is pleated does not make it Issey Miyake, just because an item looks & feels like "santana" knit, does not make it St. John...There is a big difference between wishing it's a Chanel suit and knowing it.,,remember, just because it states made in France, does not make it Chanel..a fun zig zag stripe piece made in Italy does not make it Missoni..I need to see the label...There are some unscrupulous sellers out there trying to get top dollar for "look alikes" by stating that the tag "fell" off....Show me a photo of the label.. no label? no sale!!

Happy shopping!! & be safe out there designer labels

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