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Don't just take my word for it....Here is several others...

Its almost comical to read the reviews of what people say about goodwill's practices.
This is why ebay will prosper in the long run for forcing its sellers to maintain quality.
Goodwill is NOT known for selling good things at good prices.
In fact they are known for the opposite.
Over priced junk...and they live up to that!
Shipping prices are a joke, packing is a joke, and so is their customer service skills..
You can't leave feedback, they take false pictures and use very limited wording.
Again...the complete OPPOSITE of ebay..
I'm not sure if thats why ebay folded up the bid game because they were scared they couldn't compete.. FEAR NOT EBAY!
They will be tried in federal court for their practices from the sound of things!
So tell your friends and family...STAY AWAY from!
It is another cancer strung into the american culture...
If you LOVE America and ebay...and I do!

Donate to your local school or church..encourage them to have garage sales..
USE EBAY! try to sell your items BEFORE you give them away!

Thanks for reading...your feedback is appreciated.

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