Shipping items to Hawaii

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*First let me start by informing people that Hawaii IS part of the United States-YES, hard to believe, but we have been since 1959. You may think that me telling you this sounds silly but I have had people write back to me that "they do not ship international"!!!????

*USPS has come a long way with their mail service-especially to Hawaii and Alaska. Now with the flat rate boxes-it costs the same to ship here as it does to ship to someone across the street from you. The largest box (which can almost hold 3 bowling balls) can be packed with up to 70 pounds worth of goods.

*The process to ship here is the same as anywhere to the mainland...put address on the package, drive or walk to your local post office, pay the flat rate box postal fee...YES!!!.. its that simple-no other paperwork to fill out or 1040 forms or souls to give up or second mortgages to take out, you can even keep your first born.

So please people, show us the same Aloha we show you when you visit our state. Don't rip us off with "Hawaii shipping extra $10" or even worse "we only ship to the lower 48"-even if its a book!!???. With USPS flat rate- we should ALL be getting the same rates-we are not stupid-we know what things cost, and they cost alot more here than there-so give us a break with the outrageous shipping fees.


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