Shipping heavy items cheap and fast.

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In the past few weeks I have bought and sold some heavy items. I found out the normal FedEx and UPS were just way to expensive so I did a little research to find the most cost effective way to ship heavy and pallet items. One thing I did learn, if you are a big company and you ship alot of items you will get a big discount, I mean BIG......... I was shipping some boat stands to the mid-west and got several quotes online from different companies and the cheapest I found was $320 (how can I charge $320 for shipping on an item that cost $400? right?). So I went into work and had the company I work for run me a quote and theres was $98 from the same shipping company that just quoted me $320 online........... how could that be? I went home a researched it a little more and found a company online  ( that has the same discounts my company gets and will ship it for the same price. What they do is run a quote from all shippers and carriers, find the best price with the shortest shipping time and give you a chose to pick from with options. The best part is they get that BIG company discount and let the little guy ship for a little fee! I have used them 6 times already and have not had a problem at all! They do require you to open an account with them but do not ask for a CC till you are ready to ship an item (that means quotes are free) and they let you track you shipments on there web site. I hope this helps you as much as it helped me with saving on shipping costs! EVERYONE, I HAD THE WRONG ADDRESS- THE OLD ADDRESS THAT WAS THERE HAD AN S AT THE END OF QUOTE AND IT SHOULD NOT HAVE.......HOPE THIS HELPS!!!!!!
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