Shipping Carriers: Which one to use UPS, FedEx, or USPS

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Shipping Carriers: Which one to use UPS, FedEx, or USPS
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Who should you use for shipping, US Postal Service, UPS or FedEx? I teach eBay locally in the Atlanta, Georgia area and I am the CEO for 3rd Power Outlet ( 3rd Power Outlet on eBay ), I get this question at every class without fail. People always seem to be confused by the options. Plus you get everyone telling you different things about the pluses and minuses of their favorite carrier. If you throw the customer representatives who call your phone into the mix, you will be extremely confused about making your shipping carrier decision.

My simple and short answer to the question is this: POSTUPSFEDABORNE! Let me give you some insight that I have gleaned from being a top eBay seller. We ship hundreds of packages each and every week. We have tried all of them exclusively at one time or another in our journey. Not only did we ship with USPS, UPS and FedEx, but we also did use DHL/Airborne as well. So I have run the gambit for all of the major players in the shipping game. All of them have problems and all of them are great!

Each of these companies were formulated for a different mail class and different services. Most recently each of these companies have tried to become a "catch all" solution for package delivery, even though the really have only one specialty. The best way to utilize these companies is to use ALL of them exclusively for the service they specialize in. You want the best package service in the world? Use POSTUPSFEDABORNE.
Here is my point...

US Postal Service - Handles more than 44% of the world's card and letter mail volume — delivering more mail to more addresses and to a larger geographic area than any other postal service in the world. No other organization gets mail delivery as correct as the US Mail does. No, they are not perfect but they have been delivering mail to American homes for nearly 200 years, you can not do better than that! If you have something that fits in a envelope or bubble mailer, use the US Mail for the best in class service.

UPS - Established in the 1930's expanded delivery services by acquiring “common carrier” rights to deliver packages between all customers, both private and commercial. Since that time UPS has established itself as the primary package carrier in the US. Up until the 1980's their core business was package delivery via Ground and Air. There is simply no better package carrier in the US. So they are by far my favorite for Ground Packages. All packages are delivered with tracking and they insure any package up to $100 for free.

FedEx - Established in the 1960's Federal Express took a leading role in lobbying for air cargo deregulation that finally came in 1977. These changes allowed Federal Express to use larger aircraft and spurred the company's rapid growth. By the early 80's they came to the general public eye with a camp slogan "When it absolutely has to be there overnight". They ran with that campaign and established one of the best overnight delivery services in the business. And up till now, no one can do overnight as well as FedEx can.

DHL/Airborne - In 1969, Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom and Robert Lynn (D, H, and L) founded DHL as a service shuttling bills of lading between San Francisco and Honolulu. The company grew rapidly and in a few years initiated service to the Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, creating an entirely new industry of international door-to-door express service. They recently acquired Airborne a few years ago to expand ground service in the USA. Still they have the best door-to-door express service for world wide delivery. If you need to ship packages overseas, DHL can not be beat.


All of these companies offer overlapping service. However, each company specialized and was founded on one particular aspect of the package delivery service. They all have one particular specialty and if you can integrate your business to use one or more of these services for their specialty, you will greatly increase your on-time delivery and ultimately your customer satisfaction and feedback on eBay! One of the first things you will notice on our 3rd Power Outlet  feedback is our customer satisfaction. The primary comment we always seem to get is "FAST SHIPPING". This is simply because we know which carrier to use for all our different package delivery needs. Hope that helps....

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