Sexy, Slimming, Holiday Secrets: Shapewear a la mode

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Shapewear: Your Sexy, Slimming, Holiday Secret

It’s that time again! The holidays are creeping in like ill-fitting panties, bringing a whole mess of fashion problems. The holidays would be nothing without the food; so why starve yourself? If you don’t put on a few pounds for the winter you’ll have nothing to resolve in the New Year. Don't fight with your size, more and more research is coming to light that every person has a natural weight range and while healthy habits and exercise are great ways to get you into the healthiest part of the range, there is a point where your body fights back. Get comfy with that range, and learn to embrace your assets. So here's how you can eat, drink, and dance while still looking and feeling great using some simple shapewear products.

So Shapewear, what is it? For one thing, it’s a fashion miracle for real women who want to look and feel good in their own bodies. Shapewear is a way to make your underwear work harder for you. In old days shapewear would have meant girdles and petticoats, but in the last two decades, there’s been an underwear revolution and shapewear features are becoming integrated into all your underwear essentials.

A good pair of control-top pantyhose are perhaps the most dynamic and often overlooked member of the Shapewear family. While for many years hosiery has stayed the same, modern makers are reinventing pantyhose. Hey, the wheel was great but why not make it better and faster? Levante offers lots of sexy stylish and practical options from low-rise pantyhose to one-piece, garter-and-stocking sets. SPANX is really shaking things up with innovative, practical products like their patented control top fishnets and footless pantyhose. Footless pantyhose are a great way to get a smooth, slim look under pants or long skirts while wearing any type of shoe and keeping the appearance of a natural finish. This can be especially important under thin fabrics like linen or silk.

The classic slip is an old favorite that’s fallen out of fashion but don’t underestimate their usefulness especially when wearing sheer fabrics in any kind of light. Even celebs "slip" up and get caught by bright light through fabric. A good old-fashioned slip is not just to prevent static cling; it can provide an overall base to hide shadows and seams between panties and skin. Unless you’re wearing heavily-lined curtains, you probably need one. You can opt for the classic silk or nylon variety or go for a double duty bodyshaper. Bodyshaping slips give extra control and a smooth finish.

Second step, trade in your old panties for something more useful like super stretchy Hanky Panky or a classic slimming panty. Lots of companies are adding tummy-control panels to the front and extra elasticity to the rear. If you want even more control, try a high-waist brief slim the tummy and tush. Or if your outfit is prone to panty lines, try a high-waist thong. If the fabric is thin or clingy through the torso; try a high-waist or adjustable height panty to hide that seam right under the bust line. There’s even a Build-your-own-bodysuit from SPANX that attaches to your own bra bridging the gap between panty and bra.

If you want tummy-control but, are afraid of a pulling a Bridget Jones with your high-waist panties, consider the bodysuit. The bodysuit is a classic shapewear staple. It smoothes the entire upper body and many bodysuits have fully-supportive underwire or soft-cup (i.e. no wire) bras built-in. The traditional bodysuit is a lot like a one-piece swimsuit but there are also products that have short or long leggings to continue smoothing through the buns and thighs. There are also bodyslips that also offer smoothing through the buns and thighs but give you a sleek pencil-skirt effect.

If you’re wearing separates, a slimming cami can make the perfect base for a layered outfit. Many offer stylish trims and flattering necklines. Women who are self-conscious about their chest size can minimize with an all-over smoothing cami or maximize with a built-in bra cami. There are lots of colors, styles, necklines and trims to coordinate with any outfit, from a lace-trim V-neck to a seamless strapless.

There’s even shapewear for expectant mothers. No we’re not trying to hide your big, beautiful bellies! We’re trying to relieve you of some of the pressure with belly-lifting belts, panties and even pantyhose. Many pregnant women forget to take care of themselves and don't realize there are so many products designed to relieve their discomfort.

Shapewear clothing is the next big thing, soon enough mainstream manufacturers will be begging for rights to shapewear technology. SPANX offers  full- or capri-length  pants with built-in slimmers to keep everything smooth and seamless, in basic black or a classy chocolate for the fall.

Shapewear buying tips; When special occasions (or just a favorite dress from days gone by) demand a little reinforcement, look for stronger fabrics and maximum control. But for daily wear only use what you need. Shapewear should be as comfortable as a second skin. Look for stretchy, breathable fabrics that wick moisture from the skin and allow natural movement. Many products have seamless waistbands and integrated elastic to complete the look.

One of the most important things is to match your shapewear to your shape, if you have any questions about the items mentioned above please visit our lingerie shop to get the inside scoop on products and fit from our professional staff.

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