Sexing a Guinea pig

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Determing  the sex of your guinea can be a easy process.

How many times have you went into a pet store and bought a guinea pig only to be told it is a male? You bring your little delight home and within 3 weeks your male has given birth to 3 more pigs?

This happened to my daughter with the purchase of her first guinea pig.  Within weeks, we had 4 pigs. How could of this happened?

The pet store associates were not trained properly in sexing a pig.

When purchasing a pig, gently sit down and turn the pig over. You may want to put gloves on for this-

Gently push down on the pigs gential area.  If it is a female, it will remain the same.  If it is a male, You will know.

The male gentials stay up inside of the pig and you must press on that area to determine the sex.

I hope this helps, future guinea pig owners in choosing  their correct sex of a pig. If you notice females and males mixed together at a pet store, please tell the associates to seperate the sexes.

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