Send an invoice to the buyer already!!!`

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If you as a seller can't wait to see what your item sold for, you're lying.  Everyone knows that an individual seller without a store is watching their auction for the last hour to see where the bidding ends.  So what do you do after the auction ends?  Immediately send an invoice to your buyer.  Everytime.  There are so many scams and deadbeat sellers on ebay that everyone is cautious of everything.  I personally send an invoice as soon as the auction ends, unless I am not home.  But as a seller, I know when my auction will end, and will make it a point to have internet access within 1 hour of my auction ending.  Being prompt lets the buyer know you are aware of the end of the auction, and also by sending an invoice the buyer knows you plan on following through with the transaction.  ALWAYS send an invoice.  Many people keep them for tax purposes, or other misc. reasons.  Send it as soon as possible.  Do not wait for them to pay or for ebay to automatically send one.  That doesn't always happen.  I personally NEVER pay for anything until I have received an invoice from the seller.  I give the seller 2 days to send me one.  If they have any kind of manners, you will get one.  Sometimes as a buyer it will not come until you hit the request invoice button, but as a seller, you should never wait for that.  You want your money asap, just as the buyer wants their purchase asap.  To clear any confusion, just send a damn invoice asap.  Ebay, as far as I can tell, has no regulation on whether or not a seller has to send an invoice, neither do they have a requirement that the seller HAS to send an invoice.  It is common courtesy as a seller to send an invoice immediately at auction end, not 3 days from now, because by that time, I may have purchased that product from someone else, and you are going to be stuck out with it.  A buyer does not want and should not have to wait for the seller to decide to do something.  To protect myself, I DO NOT pay until the seller sends an invoice.  I stress I will only wait 2 days, because there may be someone else selling what I want, and I want a shot at it if the one I won doesn't work out.  If I get negative feedback because of it, I will explain myself when I give them negative feedback back.  Also, BUYERS, request an invoice, and if one is not received the first day, give the seller a chance and email them once or twice the next day and check the box to have the email sent to you, to cover your ass.  That way, you have proof of communication from your side.   Therefore, SELLERS, save yourself some headaches and send your buyer an invoice ASAP.   Hope this helps buyers and sellers!
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