Selling Yugioh Cards

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This is a list of how to sell Yugioh Cards on Ebay for the average player.

Tip1: Selling in Bulk (200 or more cards)-
Always remember that the more cards you have, the better your chances of getting at least $10 per sale.  However, please keep in mind that the cards (Mostly common) must be mint/near mint.  Nearly every player wants the fresh cards to use for tournaments. To boost a Bulk lot, add some holographic cards (Super rare, Ultra rare, Secret Rare, Limited Edition, Ultimate Rare, *Parallel Rare) to increase the value of your lot. [You have to tell what holos that you will put to the lot, because 9 times out of 10 a person needs that card]

[*Parallel Rare a huge thing now]

Tip2: Selling a Holographic Card-
To get a high value of your card, the most popular cards are the ones duelist want badly (i.e. Enemy Controller, Smashing Ground, D.D. Assailiant, D.D. Warrior, E-Hero fusions, etc.) you have to dazzle them about the card.  It doesnt hurt to add a bonus or two (i.e. If this item goes up to $20-30, you get 10 more cards). The more cards to go with the holographic card, the better.

Tip3: Selling a Deck (A tournament or themed deck):
Be careful, when selling a deck, you must mention that the deck is for Advanced or Regular play, because some duelist love a challenge and will go for Advanced, and the rest...they stick to Regular play.  In addition, don't try to pass off a starter's deck as your own....(Believe me, a duelist will know off hand what card comes from a starter's deck or a booster pack.)

A. Be original with your deck, it helps that if your deck won a tournament or two (Boost the value of your deck). If its a character deck, the more it resembles the character (i.e. Mai Valentine), then you're in great shape too. 

B. More holos, the better.  I would say if your deck has at least 15-25 holos, then you're in great shape of increasing your value.

C. Most importantly, the cards must be mint and in card sleeves.  Trust me, a clean deck is a happy deck, and a happy deck is a willing , paying duelist.

D. Always mention what cards are in your deck.

Tip4: Shipping:
Unless you're selling only 1 card, i would suggest to make the shipping at least $5.15 ($3.85 Priority Mail + $1.30 Insurance).  Trust me, although the mail service is good, you have an investment and you have to make sure to take no chances on losing your investment.  Because if for some odd reason the cards are gone, or will lose your money and will probably get a bad ref. 

Tip5: Global Shipping:
Go Global with your offers. The minimum amount for shipping overseas is $5.00 and let me tell you that International duelist would kill for your cards as well.  (i.e. a buyer from London bought a Harpie deck for $76 bucks).  Just be careful on shipping inquires and always buy insurance!

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