Selling Trashed or Well Worn Shoes/Socks/Slippers

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Selling Trashed or Well Worn Shoes/Socks/Slippers
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Do They Really Sell???

I started selling well worn/trashed shoes on ebay because I was sure there was a ton of shilling going on. I was wrong! These are some of the nicest people you'll meet. They are kind, tactful, & respectful. They are often quick to pay & leave great feedback.

How To Sell Trashed/Well Worn Shoes/Socks/Slippers WITHOUT getting your auction pulled

  1. You must put that you will wash/clean your shoes per ebay's standards somewhere in your auction.
  2. You can not put fetish anywhere in your auction or use any sexual connotations
  3. You can't make any reference to the person who wore the shoes ie: These were my favorite shoes.
  4. Your pictures can't be above the knee.
  5. You can NOT link your ME page IN the auction. 
  6. You can't have the word "request" in your auction either.

Now for the things that you CAN do:

  1. You can put extra information on your About Me Page, for instance who wears the shoes, full pictures of yourself or the person who wears the shoes.
  2. On my ME page I generally put extra information like how I ship them etc.
  3. Selling shoes & socks on ebay is pretty competitive. If your auction gets pulled communicate with ebay to see why & what exactly you need to change.

Other Rules about selling them:

  1. Most sellers set their auctions to private to protect their buyers identity.
  2. I don't leave feedback unless I have the ok of the buyer first. With the name that I sell on it leaves nothing to the imagination
  3. You will get requests to wear your socks/shoes for extra amounts of time. I always ok this & do it. I figure they should get what they pay for.
  4. There are times when you will recieve a nasty email from someone through ebay. I just report & move on. This isn't for everyone & I understand that

Shipping Your Shoes/Socks:

  1. I put my socks & if the shoes fit in ziploc bags before I ship them.
  2. If the shoes are too big then I will put them in a garbage bag & seal the bag.
  3. I always use delivery confirmation on all of my packages.

Selling Pictures:

Courtesy of another shoe/sock/slipper seller: I normally charge about $2-3 a shot. It seems that is the going rate. As for poses ask him what he would like. Set your limits up front. The best way to do it is to send them through email. Mine go through so large I can usually only send at the most 5 at a time or they will get returned to me. Definitely charge more if they want them printed or sent on a disk. I think most want it in their email, though

I wish you all the very best of luck in your selling adventures!

Please keep in mind that Ebay makes up these rules as they go. Make sure if your auction is ended to email whyended at ebay dot com. Good Luck not getting a canned answer! :)


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