Selling Playboy Magazines on Ebay

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I've recently begun a complete sell off of my Playboy collection...things are a lot different from when I sold them before - in two days I've already received two eBay strikes so I thought I would share here.

First and most importantly, post 1980 editions will have to be put under the Adult Only category.  Do not try to get around this.  Basically the best way to advertise this is put it in your "About Me" page and let people know that you have the magazines listed in that category, and why.  As far as posting in the "Adult Only" category, pretty much anything goes (you'll see that if you visited there before,) so the next paragraph doesn't apply if you've posted in that category.

Secondly, do not place pictures of centerfolds on your listing unless they are uber conservative (nothing past 1958 and even some of those are questionable) - nothing can be showing.  Have a picture of it ready, however, to email buyers who ask.  Also and very important (my first strike), do not think you can post them if you place a posty note over the exposed body parts.  That is called self-censoring and eBay doesn't allow it either. 

Lastly for now - if you have a copy of the January 1958 issue of Playboy, the centerfold was 16 when photographed (UGH I had no idea) and cannot be sold on eBay.  I did some research and Hefner and the girl's mother were arrested for it when it came out.  There are other places to sell it if you absolutely can't give it up...I ran it through my shredder personally, I have no need for lieu of a stronger term. (My second strike....ugh)

That's it for now, I think I finally have the rules down and was completely suprised by the Jan '58 thing.  Either way, as usual the more pictures the better, I'm doing cover, back and spine.  Just make sure you watch out for the nudity.

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