Seller and Buyer Tips - Return Policy

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Seller and Buyer Tips - Return Policy
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Consideration and examples of return policies.


This is the best we found:


REFUND WILL BE GIVEN AS:  merchandise credit

Return Policy details: If the items are not as described, we will offer a Merchandise Credit. In most cases this will be minus shipping and Ebay fees, although if it was a blatant mistake by us we'll pick up everything . Bottom line, we want you happy!

Could be improved to set limit on credit to six months, though.


  1. Buyers like it. A return policy can make a buyer more comfortable. 
  2. Sellers need a return policy to cover & protect yourself. 
  3. Some credit card companies are honoring seller policies. A well written policy can possibly prevent seller from having to do a full credit card refund if the buyer returns the item and this is not in accordance with your policy.
  4. Even simple policy, such as noting "no returns", "shipping charges are not refundable" or "restocking fee may be charged"  is good business.  
  5. Sound policies protect the seller. You can always make exceptions for your best customers.

RETURN POLICY - possible components:

We have included some examples..possibly good or bad. See how they sound to you.

We try to be fair and accurate with all my auctions and descriptions. Please read each auction and bid carefully.

We give you the information that is supplied by our vendors. If this information is incorrect, please email me before leaving negative feedback.

This is not a retail store. All sales are final. 

We do not offer refunds on any item unless is grossly misrepresented. If a refund is given it will only be for the cost of the item. Shipping and Handling is non refundable. Restocking and other fees may be charged.

If there is a problem, we can work together to resolve the problem. I have always been extremely fair and always try to work with my reasonable customers. Negative feedback doesn't go away and should only be left as a last resort! I strive for positive feedback, harmonious relations and even some friendships.

We will make every attempt possible to resolve the issue if we made a mistake.(It happens). Please do not assume a mistake is intentional. Let us know if our service could be better!!


Your EBAY Listing Tips

  1. Picture of actual object being sold protects you. If you use a stock photo, note.
  2. Note any discrepancies from objects in picture.{If you show a gorgeous girl next to your object wearing a $90,000 diamond tiara someone might think it is included. If you show two items to show different views , then they may think two are included.}
  3. List item(s) included (and excluded). Note accessessory NOT included, which typically might be [like printer cable with printer] or note "anything not listed is excluded".
  4. Note if used. Note condition. Note scratches, or "as is". Note working condition or "untested".
  5. Understand there are PEOPLE LOOKING FOR STEALS. A few unscrupulous people want unreasonable deals. Even those that sell the exact same items and KNOW the true cost/price may abuse you if your listing can be in anyway construed differently. If you offer 75 different colors...YES you guessed it, they will think all are 75 included for one low price. People may have zero business acumen or have no concept of quid pro quo. New buyers are especially a challenge.
  6. Consider carefully if offering media mail (cheaper shipping) is worth the risk of bad feedback. Only offer it as an alternative and not as the default.
  7. Consider carefully if offering "as is" worth risking your EBAY reputation.
  8. Consider carefully if offering "designer -types' is worth it..or...
  9. Develop a tough skin, leave feedback only after it is given, cover yourself with policies and if you get a bad feedback..DO NOT PULL THE LISTING. That is YOUR chance to tell your side.  Make an addendum to the listing and in the most positive terms possible, explain again what you are selling. Then terminate the listing if you want. It could just be one person's opinion of your item and the fact they want something for nothing. People will search for your listings with negative feedback. make sure anything left reflects favorably on you.  You can also reply to feedback left.

My unofficial refund policy "one hundred percent refund, good feedback left by both parties, cooperation in getting seller fees refunded, and BUYER did not have to return the item."

  • I have repeatedly had buyers NOT comply. Hard to believe/comprehend, but true.
  • Give the refund AFTER the buyer has cooperated in getting seller fees returned.

Be a good seller.

I also have completely replaced off-Ebay orders (where they had no recourse)..where a product leaked. We replaced the damaged product and more. WHY? Integrity.   If  I mess up an order, I often add more product.  Then we revise how we do things so not to have the same mistake(s).  

Be a savvy seller.

Calm down when you get an upset buyer. It happens. Watch your tone. This is a business transaction. Yes it can get under your skin when the item is as listed and they are not happy.

Look for improvements.

Investigate thoroughly your listing. I've changed confusing listings.

I've changed packaging after missing items, and seek detailed feedback, so I know what happened.  

  • I've gone to thicker envelops for reeds.
  • threw old plastic Chinese perfume tubes (stress crack and leak)
  • Put reeds in envelop with box so they don't overlook them underneath.
  • Decided not to send items unless delivery was cheaper ship with stamps and to replace some small items  however it is also risky -you are hanging out on feedback. I replaced the same bendel three times and still got a neutral.  Now I make padded packages with peanuts to meet the  three quarter inch rule to go through PayPal shipping where a high number of small items got lost.
  • Accepting cash is BAD. Cash and checks take time to get. Buyers won't allow time to receive and cash..they get antsy. Risky. I do not take them.

US mail will lose a percentage of your stuff.   May want  to require insurance. Else risky.

No the post office is not my friend. They took five days to do on a overnight to Hollywood. Took way too much of my time to replace, and get a refund. If you do not wait at the counter for a receipt you have no recourse with the USPS for overnight.  

Sellers: Only offer services that make sense to you and in consideration of your time.

However I may do a signature required on my dime  If I send to NY city..or Miami..or Washington DC....where I think there is a greater liklihood of loss. Although..if it was delivered, then the buyer is reponsible for the loss. The seller only needs to show delivery confirmation. itmes are usually scanned as delivered when placed at the buyers location. I think signature required is a good alternative to insurance.

Block bidder

Block any bidder that  ask question such that you do not have a comfortable feeling about dealing with (or further dealing with)  the person. Bad sales take so much time. Try to set up clear and complete ads. This is a block bidder link.

This can be simply a bidder that misunderstands terms...if you cannot get it clear before the sale, you are just asking for trouble. I just blocked a zero feedback bidder from buying because they merely asked if I had a return policy. Why? This is not Wal-mart. I unfortunately sell very low dollar items.  If the buyer is unsure what is the likelihood you will get good feedback if you  do not refund shipping? No this is simply asking for trouble and I said at the first HINT of a problem bail and block them.

Best practice is to check the buyer's reputation when they ask a question..and block them if they look bad. You can always unblock. Protect yourself and your reputation.

Remember one thing in setting up your refund policy. I have YET to have a product returned in salable condition. The packaging was smushed. Lately, I just offered a couple dollars off (partial refund) then they did not have to return, and they were happy.


Be a savvy buyer.  Are Return policies the answer?

Bulky items or heavy items cost more in being able to return really does you no good.

As a buyer when I got a DOA (non working printer) I helped sell it and it was resold and sent from my place.  

CONSIDER the seller reputation and feedback.

Many electronics can be DOA (Dead on Arrival). Look for how the seller handles those..and whether or not they have good and timely customer service.  I've had bad batteries replaced free no questions asked. Remember EBAY has $25 minimum they charge you to recover..for buyer protection.

 Inexpensive items, the return shipping makes the return untenable.

 I've had bad jewelry too..where they just snap in stone.. I sent one back and never got a refund nor a return...they refused refund without return.....cost me mopre money and then hassle hassle ...that's why never buy unless rating is 99 or above. TRUST me on that.

Always get a receipt delivery confirm if you return.

Then just notify and charge your credit card. Be prepared for Paypal to contest..and they will NOT represent YOU. Your credit card company does. Some charge for this.

Buying something where parts are hard to get is risky. 

I bought a watch from Germany and lost the pin day one. It was on oversize one. Even though I already left feedback and it was a private transaction..the seller for no money, mailed me a new pin. I bought a second watch from this German seller. It quit working after a few days, He sent me a new one (no return on old one). Great seller..

Some sellers have integrity. Don't always buy from the cheapest...remember service after the sale.

Check items right after you get them. make sure they work and parts are there. Check expiration dates...

To protect a buyer..copy all the materials ...and correspondance. Also check your purchases immediately. Some sellers only allow 24 hours for returns.

The web site for Certified Fraud Examiners (as requested by somone reading this) is www acfe com   

As a seller, I always try to sell honestly. It is hard to always write every listing so it is clear to everyone. 

The seller service after the sale is good to evaluate. 

Don't expect to return something just because you do not like it.

This is not Wal-mart.

If unsure do not buy. Go to a Bricks and Morter store. Be considerate of the Seller's time. Rarely is a Seller compensated for all the time of Ebay.

Good Luck and happy Ebaying.

Hope this helps. This is my perspective. You may feel differently. That is fine. P.S. I am a BzzAgent. Sometimes I get free products or reduced products tfor testing them and providing my honest feedback. 

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