Selecting a Religious Sequin wall hanging From India.

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Hello, everyone.

As I am  a manufacturer of Religious and folk wall hanging, its my duty to inform you all that how you all should be aware about choosing religious wall hanging which are hand block painted. which has fine quality sequin handwork done on it.
I want to mention few points which helps to buyer while they choose thin sequin wall hanging.            


   1.  Focus which subject you want. While you going to purchase, there is two kind of religious wall hanging available in market. Hand painted and block painted. Hand painted is done with wax material color, which is not much sharp and also not washable. While other block painted are sharp in quality as well as washable.
    2. See, if it’s hemmed or not. Generally its sold out in market with open from all side (i.e. not hemmed) but if buyer wishes some seller will arrange to make it hemmed.
    3. As it used with Small and big sequin its hard to show in image while selling on eBay. But if you have purchase once. Than compare good quality product sequin work with other. Sequin work should be in queue besides hand stitched nearly each other. Generally, while our artist used. Golden color we recommend them to use yellow thread and while white sequin used artist used white thread accordingly.
    4. See that printed or painted wall hanging is sharp in detail or it’s out-focused. Out focused meaning by not printed well, so next time choose which is perfect in painted. While you paying for it. PAY ONLY FOR QUALITY.

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