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Seeburg Jukebox V200 HF100R & M100C Give them a HOME!

Seeburg Jukebox V200 HF100R & M100C Give them a HOME!
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Perhaps the most wanted and sought over Seeburg would be the 1955 Seeburg V200 followed by it brother the 1957 Seeburg VL200 Both machines are near identical with features which were out of this world for the time period they were made. A rotating Title Barrel, True High Fidelity sound and Looks to match those features. The V200 Seeburg was the King. Seeburgs production number of these machine was staggering at 49,000 + Machines. Vendors (aka Operator's were known to hate these machines) Because like thier predessors they held a whopping 100 records. (Vendors were known to be cheap and they didn't like bells and whistles if they failed and if it cost them money later on in the Jukes life). This next part is hard to talk about when you can appreciate these works of ART. Vendors were the machines enemy they allowed these beautys to be subjected to the most horrible punishment out there (aka an angry drunk Bar Patron) Few vendors were selective of where they chose to place these machines. Ones that ended up in a restaurant that did not serve alcholic beverage tended to fend much better then ones subjected to the angry temper of a drunk that lost his quarter. One can only imagine what kind of fury they could inflict, from dented speaker grills (ripped speaker cloth or worse a damaged speaker), To broken glass, kicking in the cabinet, broken dome glass, dented or broken chrome parts . Sometimes it was even severe enough that the internal mech was smashed as well at the selection buttons pounded so bad they fell in the machine. Then there is your careless smoker who placed his Cigar or Cigarette on the Selection buttons while waiting for his mind to click (because the hamster was not on the wheel) to determine what song he wanted to play while his smoke melted the selection button. The lastly and disgustingly we have the "Jukebox is a Toilet syndrome! This is totally disgusting and I have wittnessed this. I have bought a few machines and I have a great sense of smell, yes they were uranated in. What mindless drunken fool would do that? All you need is one brain cell to know its not a toilet. (its either that or they have total dissrespect for other people's property). However these poor machines were subjected to this abuse and even in some cases a worse fate. But we will not go there. Vendors are not the only people to hold accountable for these actions. The bar keep was every bit as bad as they had the options to protect the machine. Keep in mind the vendor and the bar keep made money from this machine. All it did was work its heart out and got spat on and physically abused. This made the V200 the FIRST Seeburg to play 200 selections (quite a feat in 1955) it was also the first year to use the modern style tormat memory system. It has some other family members that deserve a mention or two. The predessor of 1952 M100C (also known effectionatly as the Happy Days machine as it was used in many episodes), was one gorgeous machine with its rotating colour cylinders that were contained within the Pilasters. The machine was very reliable and still gets alot of attention anywhere it is. The sound system is I find a bit of an enigma in the aspect it uses one electro-dynamic 15 inch speaker which produces fantastic sound. I feel this machine is Hi-Fi as well when I listen to it. It has all the bells and whistles that a Hi-Fi home amplifier had of this era. The 1954 Seeburg HF-100R also needs to be mentioned as it is beautiful as well. With a capacity of only 50 records (for a total of 100 selections) It is the first Seeburg to features 5 speakers! It has outstanding sound. The bass can shake your windows. The front speaker cloth has beautiful chrome icicles attached on it (some people refer to these as a waterfall type) these icicles are separated by scalloped frosted glass (again a very attractive feature) The inside has a scalloped annodized aluminum pannel where the record mech is. Again it just adds to the total beauty of the machine. Seeburg being the hams they were didn't stop the sides are two tone with a funky paint jobs as well as the warmth of wood and not just any wood try burreled walnut. In some ways it looks a bit like a V200 but still looks different and desirable enough to be a sought after machine. The vacuum tubes used in most of these machine I have mentioned are easy to find here on Ebay and are not priced to the sky, all these machines use a pair of 6L6 output tubes which they under powered. This was Smart that Seeburg did this as they have an extremely long life and don't be surprised if you fine an original Seeburg tube in a machine. I hope the next time you see a tired old Seeburg here on Ebay or anywhere in fact that you would consider giving it a good home. I have many friends that have rescued many Seeburgs that most certainly would have met the Garbage dump or a worse fate. Remember this .. no matter how bad it is.. It can be repaired! TAKE YOUR TIME! When your done you will thank me, and your machine will not be just an object in your home to look at, it will become part of the  family and treasured for many years to come. There are alot of good Ebayers out there selling Great Parts at fair prices and they will answer any question you ask.  I would not hesitate to Recommend one of these Seeburg Jukeboxes to anyone as they are sure to climb in value over the years.   
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