Security Measure Sign In Verification Process

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Working your way through the Security Measure Sign In Verification Form on eBay!

I know that my eyes are old and tired but I also know that many others with better eyes have also struggled with the eBay Security Measure Sign In Verification Form. It's great that eBay has it there to protect us,  but sometimes it causes more trouble than you want to put up with just to make a quick action on the eBay site.

It would be a lot easier on many of our eyes if eBay made the boxed area that holds the verification code just a little larger. Imagine how much better it would be and how much clearer if the code was in a box the size of a business card and not the size of a few peas lined up!

The size eBay uses looks like this: 

The size I would like to see eBay use is this:


But for now we have to strain our eyesight and play the guessing game and hope that we enter the code correctly the first time and not have to waste time doing it over and over. There are a two helpful ways eBay gives you to get through the process the audio version and the refresh until you can read it way! 

You have two choices to help you with the Verification Code


The refresh image until you can read it trick is my favorite. When you come to the verification form take a look at the coded box - if it looks too hard for you to make out the numbers - don't even try! All you have to do is keep on clicking the refresh image link until one pops up that is easy for you to read. Such as dark numbers on a light background like the example pictured above. This method should help you keep your sanity and speed along the process for you.


This version you click on the link to hear voices "say" the numbers over your computers speakers. Make sure your speakers are on.

  1. Click on "Listen to the verification code" which brings a pop up box called the "Audio Security Measure"
  2. Next you click on the "Play Audio" link and hear a group of different voices each saying a different number.
  3. The numbers that are "spoken" to you are now type into the box that says "Enter Verification code
  4. Then submit and hope you heard and typed the number correctly. If not start all over again.

 Now I personally find the audio version a bit disturbing. Each number is said by a different voice some male and some female and each one has a different degree of background noise. I sometimes feel when listening to it that I am in some type of scary movie as it is almost like hearing voices in your head giving you a strange cryptic code you have to memorize or else ......LOL


Ok, so maybe that is a bit dramatic but I bet some creative minds could come up with a great Ghost Story using the Audio Verification Voices!!!  Sorry to any of the eBay folks who did the number voice overs.



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